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Management and Engineering - Education for the 21st Century - Personal Statement Example

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This paper "Management and Engineering - Education for the 21st Century" focuses on the fact that the author is clearing his undergraduate course on Bachelor of Science in International Business Management at Lynn University, College of Business and Management on May this year…
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Management and Engineering - Education for the 21st Century
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Extract of sample "Management and Engineering - Education for the 21st Century"

The dream has, therefore, fostered me to apply for the graduate school (school of engineering) engineering management, project and system engineering management.
Engineering Management is a specialized form of management and engineering. It is mostly concerned with the application of engineering principles to business practice. Engineering managers ensure that engineers use their engineering skills to design and provide high-quality products and services.

My obsession with management started just after I had cleared high school. In the summer of 2008, I had a chance of working as a marketing strategist at Gardeniya Ladies Center in Alkhobar Saudi Arabia. Specifically, I dealt with customer relations and I was a receptionist. While working here, I managed social media presence, developed promotions and packages for customers and handled customers complaints and disputes.

In the year 2009, I partially worked as a market strategist at Cupcake Girls in Alkhobar Saudi Arabia. I was the marketing assistant and assisted in preparations of orders and clientele, handled financial and advertising organizations and prepared for upcoming events and festivities.

I have been active in many other activities such as Student volunteer- Children with Down Syndrome Center (Alkhobar Saudia Arabia, 2009) and Managed social media presence for campaigns and managed to gather donations. This has made me feel that my passion lies in the leadership and management and I believe that if one does what they love, chances are that they will become very successful.

In the selecting of the Catholic University at Washington DC, I have been influenced by the way your engineering management program addresses issues such as planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols. I am fluent in Arabic and English and I have been talking to a friend who has studied in this University and it has come to my understanding that the institution has a very collaborative environment where I will interact with talented students, teachers and industry professionals. I believe that I will be able to contribute to and learn from the academically challenging environment at the Catholic University at Washington DC.
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