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It is known that knowledgeable people are at a better and a higher position in society. Thus, most of the time, they live better lives. During my lifetime, I have always wondered about the functions of cars,…
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Engineering People who have knowledge are not equal to those who do not have it. It is known that knowledgeable people are at a better and a higher position in society. Thus, most of the time, they live better lives. During my lifetime, I have always wondered about the functions of cars, cell phones, and televisions. The advancement of the industrial and technology fields is apparent in my life, especially in the 21st Century. I ask myself, how will man live in the future?
Due to the rapid advancement of knowledge and the non-stopping development of industries and technologies, I have always thought that I have learned how to cope them. People have enabled themselves to travel to other continents in a matter of hours and to communicate instantly with others. The advancement in the engineering technology areas has shortened long distances and enabled humans to have more space and time. A new example of this is the Giant Telescope links to London from New York, underneath the Atlantic Ocean by the Internet Technology. I chose the Engineering program to equip myself with the proper knowledge to deal with the advancement of technology and the new inventions.
One of my long-term professional and personal goals is to have my engineering program become my window for most of the advancements and to feed my interests in the science behind the inventions. Moreover, I need to build better experiences and apply what I have learned from my engineering theory putting it into practice at work. It is my aim to work for one of the industrial companies, to gain more experiences and skills and one day develop my own technology and/or manufacture it. Currently, I am planning to obtain my double major degree in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering and work in the industry. After gaining experiences in the professional field, I plan to obtain a master degree in Engineering Management to be able to learn managerial skills. Thus, I will be able to apply the management skills into my own factory in the future.
Additional skills and discipline in working as a team member and in managing the time to accomplish tasks on time was gained throughout learning continuously in the school of engineering each quarter. I learned how to optimize my output and my group’s output within a fixed time frame. Moreover, the discipline that has been gained will continue in my life, to learn how to tackle challenges and how to overcome all obstacles in obtaining my goals. I learned how to utilize more than one resource for engineering science, to solve the problems using engineering techniques. I have challenged myself to take the responsibility for my work and/or my actions. This has been very beneficial to me, to keep up with all of my assignments and other responsibilities. The continuous learning throughout my lifetime is very beneficial, especially, in the engineering science program.
Education and the discipline that is being obtained through life are one of the main keys to success and for me to become successful. Continuous learning has taught me how to set my priorities and how to perform time management to accomplish the most possible tasks in a limited amount of time. It also taught me how to perform my job in a professional way. This will be demonstrated at work. It will also show that I have a professional approach and at least a preliminary understanding to what will be exposed to me in my professional job in the industry and in my personal life. Read More
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