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Unit3 - Individual Project - Project starting, Planning, Executing and Closing - Essay Example

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The departments consists of various employees that needs to be integrated together if the department is to be successful and such is the requirement in the advancement…
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Unit3 - Individual Project - Project starting, Planning, Executing and Closing
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Extract of sample "Unit3 - Individual Project - Project starting, Planning, Executing and Closing"

Download file to see previous pages Sales department in the process requires additional personnel due to their extensive work in the organization. The hiring process however must be a competitive one so as to obtain the best brains that can participate in the market research and analysis. Therefore, the company will advertise for the positions and applications made through the human resource manager. Qualified candidates will be shortlisted and notified for the interviews date. The interviews are then done in phases through a panel selected by the company so that biasedness is minimized and every one given an equal chance in the job select (Cleland & Gareis, 2006). After the interviews, suited candidates are selected and taken under reviews again so that best out of the best can be determined before recruitment takes place.
Sales department is quiet critical in the success of the company as it is the department that ensures revenues are conveyed in the organization. Its activities in the market determines what manufacturing department will produce since it establishes the equilibrium in supply and demand for the company (Hasen, 2012). Hence for any extra unit that the corporation will produce, sales department must work more hard for it to be sold in the market hence need for training of the personnel.
The department is also concerned with identifying the market niche of the various markets so as to establish new customers to the company’s product and its development to increase productivity and revenues to the firm while acquiring a bigger market share to the company. This can only be achieved by well trained personnel in the modern science so that they can undertake an extensive research on issues and have a broader knowledge of the market segmentations and operations. (Mathur, 2006) To achieve this, the personnel must be trained to be well equipped with the research methodologies as the success of the company achieving the goals and objectives solely lies with the sales department and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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