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Individual Management Enhancement - Essay Example

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As a systems analyst, my work is to research problems, plan solutions and recommend software that meets business requirements in my bank (Shelly et al., 2008, p. 120). In most cases, I liaise with vendors and information…
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Individual Management Enhancement
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Extract of sample "Individual Management Enhancement"

Download file to see previous pages trying to figure out how this environment changes at my work place and realised that technological rapid change leads to frustrations and affects worker’s productivity.
Recently, all the data in my bank was digitized and therefore, staff had to be moved and shifted to departments which could accommodate better their skills. Others had to be sent for retraining and refreshment on the way they could work in a digitized environment. Aware that change management requires thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, I sought to consult and involve colleagues who were affected.
I therefore, embarked on finding out their challenges and what the change in environment could mean for their future career. I interviewed five colleagues at work and also reviewed some empirical evidence of past rapid and massive changes. I also revisited handouts that gave me insight into the area of environmental and process change management at work.
I received an interesting feedback from my respondents regarding their experiences with change in environment and process at work. They specifically pointed at the worrying trends in IT department where I belong and saw it as forced, though inevitable environmental change in all departments in a company. They also reported that even if technological environmental change from technological shift is inevitable, it comes with problems. These observations are applicable in any company regardless of the business. The following are best practices when it comes to environment and process at work place:
It was important to get feedback from top management concerning the issue of being realistic. Khalid Roshan reported that although this is not noticed by many workers, he is actually the most affected by the digitization process in our company and that this is the first point of being realistic. In this case, Khalid Roshan was quick to give a professional advice that when effecting change, one has to be “realistic and set measurable and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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