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Principles of manegement - Essay Example

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To this end, the paper will evaluate and explain the main levels of management as they exist in organisations. The paper will go on to examine management culture and…
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Principles of manegement
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Extract of sample "Principles of manegement"

Download file to see previous pages Each level of management has its role and contribution to the overall affairs and processes of running an organisation. This is because each unit and each section of an organisation has its function and this comes together in the organisational chart of an organisation which coordinates affairs.
The strategic level of management is the topmost level of management and it is involved in the long-term planning and setting the tone for the running of the entire organisation (Hill & Jones, 2012). The strategic level of management is involved with defining the tone of business and affairs because it is made up of the topmost managers who derive their authority directly from the owners of the organisation (Cole, 2013).
The operational level management of an organisation consists of the middle ranked managers and they take up management roles that are based on targets and standards set by the top level management (Freeman, 2010). They take up instructions from the top of the organisation and implement them. Usually, they also give instructions to the tactical level management. They are involved in medium term planning and functional units of an organisation (Freeman, 2010).
Tactical level management are in charge of the actual implementation of ideas and instructions from the operational level on the ground (Barlow, 2013). They are seen as the frontline managers and they act as supervisors to the working core and the main workers. They are responsible for short-term decision making and they deal with the operational core of the organisation.
In Tesco, the CEO and the Board members form the strategic management unit. Down the line, the regional functional managers and store managers who come below the top managers in the organisational chart form the operational core. The supervisors and teams on the retail floor are the tactical managers and they take decisions that are in charge of the day-to-day running of the organisation.
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Principles of Manegement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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