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Consolidated Life - Essay Example

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The paper "Consolidated Life " describes that every employee has a huge responsibility to read a firm's culture and adjust to it. This is something that every employee should look to focus on when they first enter a workplace. Organizational success comes directly from the team culture that is established…
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Consolidated Life
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Extract of sample "Consolidated Life"

Consoli d Life Case Study Was Mike wise to attempt to change the behavior of his boss? Was such an attempt ethical? What methods have you read about that he could have used? What would have you done differently?
I do not feel that it was wise for Mike to attempt to change the behavior of his boss. Mike had left the organization for a short time and then returned to expect that things were exactly the same. The fact is that the company had changed considerably since Mike had been away, so when he came back he should have taken the time to reestablish himself. Such an attempt was ethical, but it was perhaps not the right time for Mike to do that. Jack Greely was now the new man in charge and Mike should be realized that he was now placed further down the food chain than before. Trying to attempt the behavior of Jack was not a smart thing to do; Mike would have been better served trying to get Jack onside rather than making an enemy out of him. Although his plans would have had to of changed, at least with Jack as an ally Mike could have made the Supervisors Forum work better.
If I was Mike then I would have sat down for an informal one-on-one meeting with Jack Greely right at the very start to deal with any problems that may exist between the pair. It is better to sort out differences before starting to work together, so this could have avoided clashing later on. It does not have to be Mike or Jack; in fact, it could be a win-win situation where both of them got what they wanted.
2) How would you think Mike would describe the organization culture at consolidated life? What is an employees responsibility for reading a firms culture and for adjusting to it?
Mike would describe the organizational culture at Consolidated Life very different to how he left it when he temporarily moved away. Before there are a carefree approach present in the workplace environment, but now with Jack Greely in charge there is much more structure and organization to the firm. Due to Mike laidback personality, he finds it difficult to thrive in an environment that appears to be so stifling to him. However, this is the way that Jack works so there is little point in complaining about it. Going to Rick to express some concerns would be a waste of time because it seems like Rick sees something in Jack that he likes. Mike needs to realize that the game has changed and he has to be the one to adapt and fit it; not the other way around.
Every employee has a huge responsibility to read a firms culture and adjust to it. This is something that every employee should look to focus on when they first enter a workplace. Organizational success comes directly from the team culture that is established. New employees have to realize if their personality doesnt match that of the organization then either they have to leave or change their style so as to fit in. In the case of Mike, he did not realize that the firms culture had changed, and he did nothing to adapt to it. Instead, with the creation of his Supervisors Forum, he wanted to try and change the firms organizational culture back, a move that would surely lead to problems with Jack. Read More
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