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Marketing Mix for U.S.A car market Chery Cars China - Essay Example

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The study helps to determine what the most critical factors that are involved in a marketing mix. The study even deals with the company’s…
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Marketing Mix for U.S.A car market Chery Cars China
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Extract of sample "Marketing Mix for U.S.A car market Chery Cars China"

Download file to see previous pages The study outlines the various approaches that can be incorporated in the marketing mix strategy so that the company can gain maximum profit from the international markets. The marketing mix is a very effective tool that helps the company to set the plans to promote its product into global markets. This study helps to highlight the different aspects of the marketing mix strategy and even comprise of certain recommendations that would facilitate the operations of Chery in the USA market.
Chery automobile was founded in the year 1997 and it has rapidly grown into one of the biggest car makers in China. The company currently manufactures 15 models of minivans, commercial vehicles and the passenger cars. Its product line even includes the V5 crossover and A5 sedan. The company sells the products under the brand names of Tiggo, Chery and Eastar. The statistical report about the company states that the company sells approximately 800,000 vehicles in a year.
The culture of the USA market is such that it provides opportunities for many car makers. The consumer market of USA is very brand conscious and possessing a car is one of their basic needs. In this market cars are often regarded as a status symbol. This eventually leads for more of scope for car manufacturers to expand their operations in the USA market (Abell, 2010, p. 43).
The marketing mix is defined as a set of actions or tactics that the company undertakes so as to promote its product or brand in a desired market. The marketing mix is described by the 4Ps which comprises of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. However there exist other 3Ps also such as People, Process and Physical Evidence (Steers, 2006, pp. 77-78).
There are two kinds of marketing environment – micro and macro. The micro marketing environment comprises of all the factors that are related to the company and have a direct impact of the company’s ability to serve its customers, such as suppliers, marketing intermediaries, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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