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Speaker responce on sport markting - Essay Example

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First, there was the outline of facts and points that are useful in understanding sports marketing. What has been presented was perhaps analogous to empirical evidences to the theories we have…
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Speaker responce on sport markting
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Extract of sample "Speaker responce on sport markting"

Reaction Paper for a Presentation on Sports Marketing The presentation delivered to the was interesting primarily on two fronts. First, there was the outline of facts and points that are useful in understanding sports marketing. What has been presented was perhaps analogous to empirical evidences to the theories we have learned during the lectures. The experiences of the speaker were excellent case studies that confirmed and supported marketing concepts learned so far. Secondly, I was drawn to the speakers point of view. There were several instances where his take, position and opinion on a concept has added dimension to what were being explained. She has travelled the world so I am sure that she understands the cultural aspect of sports marketing particularly when the market is international in scope. The requirements for this had been outlined by Blanchard et al., (2012), underpinning a degree of market heterogeneity that sports marketers should understand. The speaker’s expertise is on television and she offered really helpful insights with regards to producing marketable content. What made her relevant for me in this respect was that despite her generation in terms of the length of her career, she immediately identified mobile communication as the development that would make sports television exciting and very viable today and in the future. I believe that this is the most important part of her presentation. According to her, there is a lot of opportunities and they are within the platform where content could be accessed anytime, regardless of location. She also cited the role of emerging players in the sports television industry brought about by the new capabilities allowed by technology. Based from what she has talked about, it seems to me that there will be a lot of diversity in terms of marketing. This is where I believe I could apply what I have learned in the presentation to my career. She provided the details with how I would be able to maximize marketing opportunities and engage the target market by using the new media such as mobile communication and technologies such as streaming technology. I see several insights that are applicable to marketing events such as the Qatar Olympics. In learning the tools and strategies as told by the speaker, I think that I could create or build a sound marketing strategy for it, one that maximizes its potential as a sporting event.
While the speaker began the presentation with an outline of opportunities, she also gave enough materials that allowed the audience to determine that despite the technological advances in sports television, there are constant characteristics that people such as marketers must be familiar with. For example, when the speaker talked about access to content across all media devices, she pointed out that the process still entail traditional market behavior when it comes to sports spectatorship. This is the reason why she explored the streaming technology in great detail. According to the speaker, sports enthusiasts and audiences are still drawn to live coverage and that they typically peruse sports media content in groups. These variables make the traditional manner of delivering content still relevant today and something that we will see in the future for events like the World Cup in 2022.
Finally, the speaker also touched on several controversial issues such as the pursuit for profit: that sports networks are not averse to commercializing programming because of the amount of money the contents could generate. The point made was whether this is correct or unethical. As a stakeholder in the industry, with the possibility of working within this system, I think that there should be a balance between profit and the relevance of sports. These two are critical, since without one, we may never witness truly remarkable sporting events. The profit guarantees good players, exciting games and well-oiled sporting machines that ensure the persistence of sporting events for us to enjoy. If it is not profitable, television could kill a league or an event such as when XFL was axed due to bad rating (Leeds & Von Allmen 2014, p. 4-30). But focusing on profit could harm the very objective of sports broadcast and its positive impact on society as a whole.
Blanchard, Simon, DeSarbo, Wayne, Atalay, S and Harmancioglu, Nukhet 2012, Identifying consumer heterogeneity in unobserved categories. Marketing Letters, vol. 23, no. 1, 177-194.
Leeds, Michael and Allmen, Peter 2014, The Economics of Sports: Monopoly and Antitrust. Pearson Education. Read More
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Speaker Responce on Sport Markting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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