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Speaker responce - Essay Example

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The confusion of these words ‘brand’ and ‘strategy’ was mostly witnessed in the presentation. These two words were misused in the context of…
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Speaker responce
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Extract of sample "Speaker responce"

Speaker’s response In the insightful presentation, there were some of the words that were particularly missed during the presentation process. The confusion of these words ‘brand’ and ‘strategy’ was mostly witnessed in the presentation. These two words were misused in the context of marketing. Hence in the presentation, right words need to be used in the correct manner and in a particular context where they fit properly (Johanna 20).
The consumer culture is actually influenced by the choice of words used during a presentation on the advertisement or promotion of a particular product. Some choice of words does not make particular insight particularly for the goods. Example the insight can be about milk and related foods on particular chosen goods. This can real be challenging in that the milk is of particularly used by all the consumers of that good hence this choice may lead to lose of customers. The mention of milk may actually change a particular behavior of the consumer simply because of the natural dislike of the milk by the individual due to social background and believes (Johanna 26).
Time is also an important factor on a particular presentation. Time here refers to the period that the product is presented to the potential customers. This actually depends on the demand not necessarily considering the supply chain of the product. Presenting a highly demanded good in the market does not necessarily mean the quality of the product is not up to date but simply means that the product is not required due to the fall in demand due to factors such as climatic change, change of population and probably the time factor that is the actual determinant (Johanna 21).
In a presentation, the audience needs to be understood properly. The audience will choose to listen to the presentation depending on the relevance of the topic being presented to them via the speaker. Lack of proper choice of the topic will make the audience get bored and hence the aim and the objective of the theme may not be met. This can be termed as waste of time and resources on that particular presentation (Johanna 20).
Insight is actually a broad term that refers to a penetrating observation of consumer behaviour that can be used to determine the growth and development on the insightful meaning of product or service being rendered to the person. The minutes spend talking on the negative insight means loss of energy that could be used to do a more benefiting task that the particular one that has been already done (Johanna 61).
A presentation does not require disruptions. These particular disruptions may lead to communication breakdown and particularly wrong information delivered due to forgetfulness nature of the human mind. Hence minimum disruptions or none at all should be encouraged during a presentation (Johanna 56).
The speaker’s opinion should be retained by the speaker and the audience involvement should be prioritized. This is achieved by allowing the audience to give a view on that particular topic and come up with a meaningful conclusion. The speaker should avoid incidences whereby the presentation is already predetermined and the conclusion already given at the end of the presentation. This makes that particular presentation meaningless and less important to the audience. The correct insight that should be enhance by the speaker is to encourage them to make use of the observation skill and take note of key words that will explain the agenda and the objective of the presentation and finally allow the audience to conclude out of meaningful thinking based on the observation (Johanna 26).
Work cited
Rendle-Short, Johanna. The Academic Presentation: Situated Talk in Action. Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate, 2006. Print. Read More
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(Speaker Responce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Speaker Responce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Speaker Responce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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