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The Relationship between Generation Y Work Value with Job Satisfaction and Work Stress at Hong Kong - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the work values of Hong Kong generation Y workers under the current economy and change of employment situation of Hong Kong. After the most important work value selected by the respondent of the survey conducted…
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The Relationship between Generation Y Work Value with Job Satisfaction and Work Stress at Hong Kong
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Extract of sample "The Relationship between Generation Y Work Value with Job Satisfaction and Work Stress at Hong Kong"

Download file to see previous pages The main purpose of conducting this research project is to study the relationship between generation y‘s work value with job satisfaction and work stress at Hong Kong. There are some work values in this report have covered to study with and examine those work value will influence job satisfaction level and work stress level of generation Y or not. Some variables moderators like age, marital status and number of kids might moderate the relationship between the factors. The proposed mechanism based on previous empirical researchers and six hypotheses had been set up. Those hypotheses will be tested by Pearson Correlation in a convenient sample of generation Y who is taking a full-time job in Hong Kong at the moment. (N = 72, Male = 50, Female = 22). The result showed that good salary, job interest, prestige and variety diversion of work had the strongest relationship with the work value of generation Y. The job satisfaction can rise significantly and work stress can reduce when the work value match with generation Y’s expectation. Furthermore, the study finds out there is the negative relationship between work stress and job performance. Heavier work stress will bring a negative effect to generation Y and bring down their job performance. From the test conducted, found that age is a greatest moderating effect on the relationship job satisfaction level and work stress level of generation Y. Also, marital status and number of kids give different moderating effect to generation Y on the job value, job satisfaction, and work stress. For further study of a similar topic on generation Y in Hong Kong, it is suggested that personality, work overtime, a part-time study can be the focus on and the result or findings should be taken into account of. Generation Y is a dynamic workforce that holds specific expectations with regards to work factors, to understand generation Y’swork value is important to the employer when they make recruitment to the new comer to their company. Around 14% of total workforce in Hong Kong are generation Y and increasing rapidly. To determine what are the main value or factors to encourage them to work hard, which reason, why they need to work, is important for management level to setup up policy in their company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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