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Finance and Accounting Briefing in Healthcare - Essay Example

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 This essay discusses Medicare policies and strategies with the systems of federal grants to spearhead state priorities of Medicare development amid the public health challenges. At the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the priority has always been to obtain the best quality medical care…
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Finance and Accounting Briefing in Healthcare
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Extract of sample "Finance and Accounting Briefing in Healthcare"

Download file to see previous pages It is against this background that the institution wishes to steer clear of the raging political and social concerns amongst governors and senators (Holly, 2012). The ongoing jostling by governors to garner comparative advantages for given states nevertheless should be embraced because many Americans hold diverse political and economic inclinations in relation to federal spending. However, the strategy of the institutions of CMS and the statutory obligations must be observed and vindicated of all forms of bias and manipulation. It is incidental to the office of the director of the program to offer leadership and stewardship for the greatest good (Lorenz, 2013).
The main obligation of the CMS is to secure effective cost management in the healthcare systems while also optimizing the outcomes per dollar budgetary allocation. In this regard, Affordable Care Act (ACA) is often deemed the harbinger of a legislative masterpiece. Medicaid matching grant is therefore meant to produce a greater impact on the healthcare systems than previously thought in terms of actual outcomes (Newhouse et al, 2013). Whereas the Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP) remains a useful policy instrument, the Directorate of the CMS must be cognizant of the fact that given states may deploy unscrupulous ways of influencing greater funding for their regions. In the foregoing debate in the Congress, for instance, many states perceived to be more worthy of greater funding have not really yielded optimal outcomes (United States Government Accountability Office GOA, 2011). Each administration has also produced varying results for the FMAP Floor change and thus political influences are an unavoidable consideration.
It should be noted that the proposed Medicaid intergovernmental grant structure will potentially have greater outcomes than the earlier versions of policy typologies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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