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Networking is the most important skill a new manager needs to develop if they are to be successful in their sector - Essay Example

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So one of the major skills an effective manager requires is networking. If a new manager feels lack of networking he or she will have more difficulties in performing his or her work. Therefore, this skill…
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Networking is the most important skill a new manager needs to develop if they are to be successful in their sector
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Extract of sample "Networking is the most important skill a new manager needs to develop if they are to be successful in their sector"

Download file to see previous pages Today in fact every business faces fast changes and new opportunities constantly. That requires from managers to keep trace on the recent developments in terms of products, customers, employees, and so on, and that makes one of the most critical managerial skill to be networking (Pfeffer, J. 2009). Every successful manager has a priori several traits, which help him to network. He or she can certainly do well such things as: talk, listen and hear, remember names of people, keep in mind the news related to the company’s products, industry news, staff changes, etc. Such a manager knows his or her colleagues good, has good relations with them, knows what is going on in the organization and outside. All that gives additional advantages, for example, to apply for a position, which have just become vacant, or to get involved in an interesting project, about which not many people know, etc. Such a manager values his or her connections, tries to keep and develop them. He or she never burns bridges, for example when leaves some place in a bad situation, he or she will try his or her best to save good relations with people, because there is a very big chance to meet them in life later, may be in other roles.
Networking assumes the ability to speak good. In order to develop speaking skills a person needs to practice them. Toastmasters’ clubs exist to become a great speaker and to find new acquaintances. In order to find new acquaintances a person needs to have deep knowledge in at least several general topics to be able to talk about, say football, music, and politics. In this case there is a very big probability that a person will be able to keep communication with somebody whom he or she sees the first time in life.
Knowing other cultures and other languages increases the networking opportunities greatly. In case you know a foreign language you may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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