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Re engineer a garage car services through contemporary technologies Ismail - Essay Example

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Some people gave me the moral support that I required while some people provided me with necessary facility to study. Firstly, I wish to give my deepest gratitude to my parents for providing the financial…
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Re engineer a garage car services through contemporary technologies Ismail
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Extract of sample "Re engineer a garage car services through contemporary technologies Ismail"

Download file to see previous pages It has been designed to also act as a guideline to a wide range of business oriented people. The overriding aim of this business plan is to gather information on how to successfully start and manage an auto mobile garage. The description of the business, the marketing strategy, the operation, and the financial requirements are among the things dealt with in this plan. This project shows the most crucial aspects of having a successful business. It shows that ATG is a viable business that has the potential of expanding and performing well in terms of profits. very good- comment addressed
AlArif Tech Garage ATG is an automobile garage that aims at giving its customers services through unique technologies that will help customers in many ways. Nowadays, we are using technology everywhere, and for that we need more services through it. ATG aims at delivering car services through its experienced staff and new technology. Also, the company aims at prioritizing the comfort of its customers. For that the organization is willing to deliver the highest standard of vehicle services without requiring the customers to be available at the workshop, they can stay at home or at work and their vehicles are being fixed.
The service industry, including vehicle services, is considered to be one of the fastest growing businesses of the economy. ATG aims at capitalizing on the fact that people in the UAE do not have time to take care of their vehicles. This is evident by the statistics which shows that among the top ten causes of accidents in Dubai is negligence and inattention to car maintenance (Emirates 24/7 News, 2013). For that we will offer some fabulous services especially for these kinds of people who don’t have time for their cars.
The Mission of ATG company is to become a premier provider of quality services to its customers to make ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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