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Freedom of press versus rights of privacy - Essay Example

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The issue of the freedom of press versus rights of privacy of the public has long been prevalent in the society, and has been a significant topic of interest for several researchers. Privacy reflects a highly sensitive issue, and hence is extremely controversial when privacy is…
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Freedom of press versus rights of privacy
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Extract of sample "Freedom of press versus rights of privacy"

Download file to see previous pages has become easier to invade into the privacy of others, and it is here that issues related to the invasion of the press also arises significantly (Bridegam 2009).
In general there are law in most countries and states to support the rights of privacy for the public. Such laws try to maintain a balance between the rights of privacy of individuals and the freedom of the media or press that causes public interests as well (Invasion of Privacy n.d.). The matter of fact is that the acts of invasion by the press or the media cause harmful experiences for the individuals whose privacies are invaded. For example in case a newspaper prints a nude picture of a woman, particularly without her consent, then the newspaper acts as a wrongdoer affecting the life of the woman. Privacy could be valued if the press and the media sources would prevent from harming the personal space and affairs of individuals (Solove 2004).
While several researchers have been interested in the topic and have done significant research to understand the issues raised in relation to freedom of press and rights of privacy, there are several policies as well that have been developed over the recent years concerning the various issues. Open data policy is one such policy that has been developed over the recent years for the protection and management of essential information sources and maintains the privacy of the same. However this particular study is focused on theories and theoretical studies that have been conducted on the concerned topic and hence determines the issues and solutions to freedom of press against the rights of privacy.
The rights to privacy have unnerved the way the press and the media always intend to intervene into the privacy of lives. The rights to privacy focus on giving privacy to individuals and allow them to be left alone. The rights of privacy have become an emergency in the present times causing concern for the press rights and their fare acts in the near future. However ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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