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W 2 OM Discussion - Essay Example

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The government has been identified as a major healthcare stakeholder, especially when it comes to the provision of public healthcare facilities (Asnis, 2002). The current transformation system being used by the government in the provision of public health care facility is based…
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W 2 OM Discussion
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Extract of sample "W 2 OM Discussion"

TOPIC: W 2 OM DISCUSSION LECTURER: W 2 OM DISCUSSION The government has been identified as a major healthcare stakeholder, especially when it comes to the provision of public healthcare facilities (Asnis, 2002). The current transformation system being used by the government in the provision of public health care facility is based on demographic health trends. This system allows government to make decisions of health risk zones or what has been called flashpoints. Once these areas are identified based on prevailing health needs, the focus of government is taken to the place through the provision of health facilities and other healthcare resources that address their needs (Wittich, 2007). Even though this system has been described by Asnis (2002) as being effective in controlling the deterioration of health cases, it has also been criticized as not being preventive in nature. This is because with this system, there must be a risk indicator before proactive interventions are sent by government.
Based on the weakness with the system, it would be noted that the best way to make the system effective is to ensure that it is approached from both a preventive perspective and a curative perspective. To do this, government must deepen research that aids in the forecasting of possible health risks. With such forecasted results, it will be possible to predict some areas that are not currently prone to certain health risks but may be at risk in future. Most certainly, with such an effective preventive approach, there can be much guarantee that government spending on healthcare can be reduced (Meredith and Shafer, 2014). This is because the amount of money government have always spent on its curative duties have been more than the government have spent in preventing the escalation of health risks (Meredith and Shafer, 2014).
Asnis D. (2002). West Nile Infection in the United States: A Review and Update. Inf Med. 19(6):266-78,
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Wittich A. C. (2007). Spatial analysis of West Nile virus and predictors of Hyperendemicity in the Texas equine industry. Emergency Infectious Diseases. 11(10):1633-5 Read More
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W 2 OM Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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