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Week 2 Discussion: comment on the theory (or theories) that will be the backbone of your dissertation - Assignment Example

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After much research and study concerning theories related to my topic, I feel it is important to develop a conceptual and theoretical framework for this study that will be drawn from existing sociological models related to the need for transparency in the hiring and promotion…
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Week 2 Discussion: comment on the theory (or theories) that will be the backbone of your dissertation
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Extract of sample "Week 2 Discussion: comment on the theory (or theories) that will be the backbone of your dissertation"

Week Two Discussion Content Week Two Discussion Content Theory Forming the Backbone of my Dissertation After much research and study concerning theories related to my topic, I feel it is important to develop a conceptual and theoretical framework for this study that will be drawn from existing sociological models related to the need for transparency in the hiring and promotion process in public agencies in the United States. Existing sociological theory provides me with a framework that will enable me to effectively research issues affecting public agencies, with a specific focus on the Social Security Administration, by correlating information and data received from both individual and group demographic studies. The theoretical basis for this study will be intended to provided all interested and affected stakeholders with conceptual evidence that is support throughout research that explains how transparency in the hiring and promotion process inherent at the SSA is important to the public trust that society has in governmental agencies. This will then be compared with a sociological perspective that would detail issues caused by a lack or transparency and what can be done to effectively turn that around.
I am intending to utilize this theoretical model by deploying a qualitative exploratory study that will be designed to describe the various experiences of professionals in this field, while making sociological inferences based on raw data. Through my research on existing models, I have noted that Creswell (2008) provided provided additional support for the reporting of individual perceptions using such a qualitative method. In addition, the exploratory approach does allow professionals and researchers alike the opportunity to share their respective viewpoints in narrative form and to describe the different ways in which the progression of information report is documented.
Progress of my Current Plan
I am certainly pleased to note that the process of research and writing my dissertation remains on track to this point. Feeling that I have used my time wisely in the residencies I have attended to this point, I have already compiled a sufficient amount of research to conduct a thorough literature review. In addition, my prospectus is complete and ready to submit. Subsequent to that, my initial plan has me submitting a complete proposal of Chapters 1-3 by the early part of this current course, in order to gain IRB approval and begin the ‘meat’ of my project. To that end, I have already develop a survey and interview questionnaire that I feel will be useful in beginning the qualitative research portion of the study.
This entire process has stretched my organization skills, and I am pleased to note that I am much better for it. I do feel that my professional experience as a federal employee, with nearly two decades under my belt, has taught me the importance of setting a timeline and sticking to it. If that is not done, then a snowball effect can occur that is often insurmountable. In addition to sticking to my dissertation plan, beginning with this course I have outlined a weekly schedule in order to ensure that I meet certain milestones. One method I am utilizing is to work a week ahead. It is important to account for the unexpected situations that life throws at us, so be working a bit ahead I feel I will be better prepared in the end.
Creswell, J. W. (2008). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative androgen qualitative research (3rd. ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. Read More
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