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The Use of the GAP Model Approach Measuring Client Satisfaction - Essay Example

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The study analyzes North County Breast Screening Unit with respect to quality service provision in meeting the expectations of customer needs. Consequently, the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations are put into perspectives with recommendations given to deal with the issues…
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The Use of the GAP Model Approach Measuring Client Satisfaction
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Extract of sample "The Use of the GAP Model Approach Measuring Client Satisfaction"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that customer satisfaction is an area that the management of different institutions takes a keen interest in. Quality service provision is a critical aspect that determines whether a company maintains relevance in the market or diminishes. At times, clients meet and talk concerning service provision in a particular institution. In their discussion, there are bound to arise certain issues about expectations towards service provision. In the event that their expectations fall below the expected level, a gap is then created. Breast cancer is one of the single most phenomena that have provided a new whole level of challenges in this modern dispensation. The dire consequences of this problem have made health practitioners get back to the drawing board and establish new ways and means of providing better services to the customers. This is relevant in so far as breast cancer is concerned. North County Breast Screening Unit provides the services of screening the breast to ensure that no patient dies of the cancer disease. In the recent past, the number of people seeking services at the screening unit has increased significantly. The unit offers services to almost half a million people and in with an uptake of services from 70% to 77%. This is above the national quality grid of 75%. In a recent research done on the screen, its unit, the results told it is all about quality of service provision at the unit. A number of patients were interviewed a number of patients together with a selected number of employees. The results revealed some unique aspects that only need to be put into perspective for proper analysis. From the survey done at the North County Breast Screening Unit, some critical issues can be understood about service provision. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Use of the GAP Model Approach Measuring Client Satisfaction Essay.
“The Use of the GAP Model Approach Measuring Client Satisfaction Essay”, n.d.
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