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Proposal new - Essay Example

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This deals with the workforce of an organization. The human resource management is concerned with the manpower of the organization so that they give maximum…
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Proposal new
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Extract of sample "Proposal new"

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT POLICIES AT DEWA BMGN N490 Industry Project Hussain Ali Al Sayegh Dr. John Politis HCT DMC Hussain Ali Hussain Ali Al Sayegh (990028420)
1. Title
Improving the Human Resource Management Policies at DEWA
2. Background and overview
Human resource management involves the human side of management of a company and employee’s relations with a company. This deals with the workforce of an organization. The human resource management is concerned with the manpower of the organization so that they give maximum input to the organization (BANFIELD, 2011). The main aspects of human resource management include selection and recruitment, job analysis, job evaluations, job, design, appraisals, training and development, employee relations, and motivation. In order for any organization to survive in a competitive market, the company needs to invest in their human resource needs (SIMS, 2007). The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) was formed in the year 1992 by a decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, 2014). This company is known for its reliable and efficiency in its operations. This company has made great efforts in meeting the growing demands of its customers. The growth of customers means that DEWA increases its employees. With this increase, there is the need to look at the human resource management policies to make sure that they are motivated to fulfil the goals of the company. To be able to maintain its good reputation with the customers, there is also need to look at the human resource policies. This will help to avoid cases that would damage the company’s reputation as seen in 2008 when an employee insulted and assaulted his superior officer (Khaleej Times, 2008).
3. Proposal
3.1 Research Questions
The main objective of this study is to analyze the human resource policy at DEWA and to make any recommendation needed to improve these policies.
While conducting the research, the specific objectives will include;
1. To analyze and improve the selection and recruitment process at DEWA.
2. To review the existing the pay and reward system at DEWA.
3. To analyze and improve employee development system at DEWA.
4. To analyze how to improve employee motivational level.
3.2 Research Methodology
The methods of data collection to be used during this study will include;
3.2.1 Questionnaires
This will form the primary data collection method in this study. The questionnaires will be structures and will be administered randomly to employees in the operational level (BRACE, 2008). The number of respondents will be thirty employees. This number is arrived at for easier analysis of data collected within the project’s timeframe.

3.2.2 Company Records
Information will also be obtained from the company’s past records. Due to the fact that the company will be reluctant to release its internal information because of confidentiality issues, the study will be limited to past record in the company’s website and from published e-newspapers.
3.2.3 Observation
Observation method will form as a source of secondary information. Observation does not provide accurate information and for this reason, this method will be used to verify data already collected. This method will also be useful in helping the respondents answer the questionnaires as expected.
4. Problems and Limitations:
A number of challenges are expected to be encountered during this study. One major challenge is inaccuracy of data collected. This is because the method used will be questionnaires which many respondents fail to complete. To be able to overcome this, it will be crucial for employees to be sensitized on the importance of completing the questionnaires.
There is also the risk of lack of support from the management team who may be threatened that the study will expose the weaknesses of the company and damage its reputation. To overcome this, it will be crucial for the management team to be involved in this process and assure them that if need be, the study will only be published upon their approval.
In the process of conducting this process, employee resistance may be a challenge where employees may fear losing their jobs if they give negative information during the study. To overcome this risk, employees need to be assured that their responses will be anonymous.
5. Data Analysis
After the collection stage, the data will be analysed using excel program which can be accessed easily. Data collected and analyzed will then be presented in the form of charts and graphs.
6. Bibliography
BANFIELD, P. (2011). Introduction to human resource management. Oxford, Oxford University Press.
BRACE, I. (2008). Questionnaire design: how to plan, structure and write survey material for effective market research. London, Kogan Page.
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, 2014. DEWA History. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 14 03 2014].
SIMS, R. R. (2007). Human resource management: contemporary issues, challenges and opportunities. Greenwich, Conn, Information Age Publ.
Khaleej Times, 2008. Dewa employee accused of assaulting his superior. [Online]
Available at:§ion=theuae
[Accessed 22 03 2010].
6. Timetable
Project Name- Human Resource Management Policies at DEWA
Project Period
Task/ Activity
Proposal writing and submission
Proposal Review and editing
Developing the Literature review
Development of data collection tools

Data gathering
Data processing
Data analysis and interpretation
Production of first draft report
Submission First Draft
Editing and submission of Final copy Read More
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Proposal New Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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