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10 - Assignment Example

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Most organizations tend to include social security taxes in the plan, Medicare taxes and a times workers compensation insurance. There is also the inclusion…
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Assignment 10
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School Affiliation Myriad of competing resources Employees in any organization typically require benefits, which is very important in attracting and retaining employees. Most organizations tend to include social security taxes in the plan, Medicare taxes and a times workers compensation insurance. There is also the inclusion of time-off benefits such holidays and sick leave.
Companies are known to offer their employees benefits based on a predetermined considerations. For example all employees in an organization receive the same benefits of medical insurance and life insurance. However, there arises differences in employees needs and preferences, for instance many of the employees who are much younger and do not have dependent children and spouses always tend not to believe in life insurance. In many case scenario married couples who have dependable children and spouses at the same time always enjoys most of the benefits plan, as the company is a aware of the demanding situation to provide and be comfortable at the same time. Un-married persons living together are not recognized in such and do not enjoy the benefits enjoyed by married couples. Employees with higher standards of education also tend to enjoy most of the benefits plans in many organizations as compared to those employees with low level of education.
In order to effectively come with a proper plan succession planning needs to be focused from senior management positions starting at the top and going down. The plan needs to focus on developing large talent pools as compared to few individuals. It should also build on well-developed competencies and objective assessment process planning. As such there should be plans of the number of job-ready people to fill senior jobs when they become vacant, the total percentage of jobs filled by internal candidate and also the time it takes for an outside hire to get up to speed with his/her job task. Organizations should at all ties have job ready talents, plan ahead and in a timely manner. Have at all times successors developed and ready to assume their next level of duty.
Hazlit, Henry. (1979). Economics in one lesson. New York: Arlingtone House Publishers. Print. Read More
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Assignment 10 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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