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Critical evaluation of about 4 pages on the Accenture article on the Innovation Death Spiral - Essay Example

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Keeping this fact in mind, the most reputed and the leading market leader in computer hardware and software, Apple Inc desired to develop…
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Critical evaluation of about 4 pages on the Accenture article on the Innovation Death Spiral
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Extract of sample "Critical evaluation of about 4 pages on the Accenture article on the Innovation Death Spiral"

Download file to see previous pages According to the CEO of Apple Inc Tim Cook, innovation may create new market share and new customers for the organization. In order to fulfil such views, the organization created a new invention named Apple i-pad. This proved extremely effective for the organization in the age of recession in order to amplify its profit margin and productivity. However, after a very small period of time, the organizational performance started declining significantly thereby reducing its image and reliability in the market among other rival players as presented by the below figure.
Therefore, as per Mr. Tim Cook, the organization of Apple Inc became trapped in the process of ‘Innovation death spiral’. According to this process, the organization develops new products with the desire that it might present high results but yields up with disappointing results. However, in order to balance such a phenomenon, Tim Cook, implemented balancing innovation strategy in order to rectify such trouble, as innovation is considered as an engine.
In order to retain the portfolio and reputation of the organization, Tim Cook decided to offer higher concentration over the field of research and development. Only then, the organization might analyse and evaluate the demands and preferences of the customers in an effective way (Innovation management, 2011). So that, after developing and launching the products, it might offer high-ended results to the organization of Apple Inc that might amplify its net income and market share. In order to do so, the CEO, Tim Cook developed varied types of products such as I-pad mini, iphone 5, iMac and many others. By inventing a series of above mentioned products, the total sales of the organization of Apple Inc increased by almost 50 percent in the period of recession as well as compared to other rival players such as Microsoft (Mysticdots, 2012).
Apart from this, in order to save the organization from falling in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Evaluation of about 4 Pages on the Accenture Article on the Essay - 1.
“Critical Evaluation of about 4 Pages on the Accenture Article on the Essay - 1”, n.d.
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