Product DevelopmentProcesses: Stage-Gate, Agile and Spiral product development Process - Research Paper Example

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The ability to develop innovative and appealing new products as well as be able to flawlessly market these products in one of the core success factors for any organisation in a competitive market. …
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Product DevelopmentProcesses: Stage-Gate, Agile and Spiral product development Process
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Download file to see previous pages The process that a firm adapts from the generation of ideas right to the marketing of the products is a very critical issue that impacts the innovative performance of an organisation. a wide array of research have highlighted the significance of choosing the right processes for the development of new products, as such models help in dealing with arising risks in product development as well as align organisational capabilities with the product development processes (Biazo, 2009; Phillips et al., 2004; Bessant and Francis, 2004). Different product development processes are suitable for different situations in terms of the product being developed, the uncertainties involved in the market, as well technological features required. While some processes are more rigid or stable, others have a concept of flexibility in order to ensure that new products are able to adapt to changing market needs. Based on available literature, this paper identifies three product development processes, and compares and contrasts between these three processes noting the key reasons why there are differences between the processes. Reason for completing this research The new products that are developed by organisations in order to attain a competitive advantage are only as good as the process involved in developing them. This implies that the process used in developing products highly determine the success of such new products. Hence, this topic was chosen so as to understand in depth these processes, how the differ and so as to understand the impact of such processes in product development and as well as comparing them to understand which process is favourable in most organisational contexts. Furthermore, during the course of the study, the concept of product development processes was intriguing as it entailed the start of an idea right to the launch and success of the product in the market. Hence getting more insight into the processes in order to understand them better and also to understand the core weaknesses of the group project done, this topic sounded more relevant. Three Product Development Processes A search through product development literature has highlighted three core product development processes that span various organisational contexts. Older literature has strongly highlighted structural processes (Cooper, 1990; Biazo,2009; Cooper, 1994) while new literature has increasingly been giving attention to more flexible and simultaneous processes (Biazo, 2009; MacCormack and Verganti, 2003; Mengoni, Germani, and Mandrli, 2009; Fekri, Aliahmadi, and Fathian, 2009; Jusko, 2010). Indeed Jusko (2010) acknowledges that due the changing nature of global competition which has mainly been due to rise in internet technology adoption, as well as globalisation, businesses are increasingly faced with challenges of developing new products on time and within budget, with most of them exploring and adopting newer product development processes in order to gain a competitive advantage. Unlike the older staged process of product develo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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