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MBTI - Personal Statement Example

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I portray a strong sense of judgment over perceiving, when conducting my business. My wiliness and ability to lead, guide and motivate others towards a common goal is one of…
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Extract of sample "MBTI"

Personal ment Management Management Discussion What are some of your strengths of your personality style as it involves the workplace?
My introvert character helps me get along in finding possible opportunity in any environment that am in. I portray a strong sense of judgment over perceiving, when conducting my business. My wiliness and ability to lead, guide and motivate others towards a common goal is one of my top strengths. I have an ability to take up challenges and capable to find innovative ideas and solutions to problems that are affecting me and my workplace environment. My confident to form my own decisions, is remarkable and strong communication and presentation skills are among my redeemable qualities.
I have a good sense of responsibility whenever environment I am. I consider myself successful in the sense that I accomplish whatever goal I set. In terms of supervision, I can work under very minimum or no supervision at all. I possess a self-initiative and self-driven morale that keep me going and achieving my objectives. I am an optimistic self-reliant person who has good analytical and organizational skills.
Discussion 2
What are some of your weaknesses?
I am slow in thinking due to my perfectionist nature of doing things. I tend to waste time during preparations than focusing on time factor. My natural character of thinking rationally affects other decisions which are not meant to be thought in the same perspective of thinking. My sense of responsibility tends to differ at certain points and become a weakness because I prefer an impeccable work therefore tend to supervise others a lot to meet my demands. Through my strong attachment to my responsibility I tend to go berserk, through assumption of more responsibilities than I manage. My kind hearted nature, trying to help out with possible solutions to their approach to difficulties, some consider it as an interference to their rights and private life
Discussion 3
What types of careers would you fit well with your personality type?
I would fit in a series of job description given my personality attributes and competence. My strong social and sense of judgment highly recommends for social and interactive jobs like Business Administrator and Sales Executive. Some other possible careers are; System Information Analyst, Internal Auditor, Manager at a customer service, and lastly as a Marketer.
Discussion 4
As a manager/leader, how could you use this type of information to increase productivity in your organization?
This test helps me identify strong points; preference of extrovert over introvert by 56%. Strong judgments over perceiving by 78% are qualities that boost my personality to work with others comfortably. On the other hand, this test helps me to know my non-redeeming qualities; I have a moderate preference of Intuition over sensing by 38% and moderate preference of thinking over feeling by 25%. (Jung’s & Briggs, 2014)
This helps me to acknowledge and work on these attributes that makes me less productive and amicable with most people. As a manager I take the initiative to learn more from my weaknesses to produce a better personality in terms of handling my junior colleagues and business associates.
Jung’s, C. & Briggs, I. (2014). Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs. Human Metrics. Retrieved March 2, 2014, from Read More
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MBTI Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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