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Of Project Management - Personal Statement Example

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According to my understanding, project management refers to a professional discipline which includes skills, techniques, and tools and body of knowledge. It aims at managing a particular project from its inception till its leads to successful accomplishment of the objective of…
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Personal Statement of Project Management
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Number: Paper: Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Understanding towards Master of Science in Project Management 3
Reason for choosing career as a project manager and join the academic course 4
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Understanding towards Master of Science in Project Management
According to my understanding, project management refers to a professional discipline which includes skills, techniques, and tools and body of knowledge. It aims at managing a particular project from its inception till its leads to successful accomplishment of the objective of the same. Master of Science in Project Management is a course that is build up to provide understanding pertaining to stakeholder management, strategic planning and project information system. This program helps an individual to develop knowledge and skills for performing definite roles of project managers working in a particular field. The course is suitable for individuals, who are from various employment backgrounds and have the ability, skills and knowledge to become a project manager. In this course I will get to understand the techniques and processes that are linked with project management. The process includes management of cost, time, quality, communication, risk and human resources. I will also get to understand the procurement process of the resources that are required for the completion of the project. The program also aims at training the individuals to lead a team and impart motivation skills (Northeastern University, 2013).
Presently, responsibilities of project managers have increased over the years with the increase in number of failed projects. The failure or success company projects are dependent on the abilities and skills of the project managers. Products and services of a company needs get launched in the market in a particular period of time. If there is delay in the procurement process of raw materials then the launch of the products is hold back simultaneously. This delay in procurement process can be rectified by an efficient project by contacting a good supplier and convince them to supply the raw materials within a specified time so that the manufacturing process of the products are not hampered. Hence, in order to avoid disturbance in the manufacturing process companies needs to hire skilled project managers, who can effectively manage each step of the project (Northeastern University, 2013).
Reason for choosing career as a project manager and join the academic course
The role of project managers is very challenging as the success or failure of projects is dependent on them. Appropriate sets of skill are required delivering vital projects on time within a particular budget. The project manager has to lead a large team where the team members have different though process and behavior; he has to lead and motivate them to do specific works for the successful completion of projects. The mentioned reasons have encouraged me to undertake this particular career and join the program. Being a project manager I will have the responsibility to solve a series of difficulties that will arise during the process of completion. The course will build the courage and confidence within me to accomplish my duty. The program will impart practical skills as well as theoretical concepts for completing complex projects. The main advantage of the course is that it will set me through real life experience by solving real life case studies (Curtin University of Technology, 2013).
Curtin University of Technology. (2013). Master of Science (Project Management). Retrieved from
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Personal Statement of Project Management Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Personal Statement of Project Management Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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