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Strategic Quality and Systems Management - Essay Example

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Due to increased competition and market entries in the market, the organization management should come up with new strategies to help in its survival. This will include improving on the…
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Strategic Quality and Systems Management
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Extract of sample "Strategic Quality and Systems Management"

Strategic Quality and Systems Management al Affiliation) Strategic quality change to improve organizational performance  The organization, “Polos Foods” joined the food market to produce traditional foods. Due to increased competition and market entries in the market, the organization management should come up with new strategies to help in its survival. This will include improving on the organization’s performance. This is because the organization and corporate structure of a firm are its backbone. Different approaches may be used, but in this case, a total quality management approach will be used. This approach deals with the customers satisfaction of the product on a long term basis. For better results, all the workers in the organization should participate in the approach. This is because teamwork is part of all the processes taking place in the organization such as processing, product services, and sales.
To attain the preferred results, various stages have to be undergone. The strategic plan should be revised to make sure that it incorporates with the organization. It is through this revision that past strategies and initiatives will be highlighted. Any weaknesses will be noted and given priority in the new strategic plan to make sure it works.
Remarkably, the customer is presumed to be right; hence, his/her voice should be heard and attended to. Employees should collect data from customers on their views on the product and customer satisfaction. Analyzing the data will help in the provision of the right product standards and qualities.Additionally, a strategic implementation plan will be launched to improve on the quality of the food produced to ensure that it is unique and acquires a larger market share. It should have its goals and objectives.
Resources, tools, and systems to support business processes in a strategic quality change.
The planned strategic change has to be embraced by all the employees in order to work hence the human resource department has got involved. It will help in the provision of new ideas to employees who will reflect them in their processing, marketing, and sales departments. To facilitate the change, resources must be pumped in the projects. They may be obtained from loans, capital, profits, or equities. They will be used to improve product quality and manage supply channels to ensure that the customer is satisfied on the produced foods. Quality management will help monitor changes to suit customer preferences leading to increased sales and profits.
Evaluation of wider implications of planned strategic quality change in a firm.
Internally, it may be arrived at through training, coaching and motivating the employees who will in turn provide good results in the issue of quality management. Externally, good relations with the suppliers will ensure supply of quality foods to the organization hence good outputs. External factors such as political, social, economic, technological, and legal should also be addressed. Motivation on employees may be done through good work relations, offers, and increased salaries among others.
Systems design to monitor the implementation of a strategic quality change in an organization
Performance monitoring of the implementation of strategies should be put in place. The strategies should be structured in a way that all departments are monitored. Sales department should be monitored to show whether there is any increase in sales. A customer care unit should be launched to collect feedbacks from the customers. This will tell whether the customers are satisfied with product quality or not. Additionally, it will also create awareness whether the total quality management approach has made a strategic quality change in the organization.
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Strategic Quality and Systems Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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