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Leaders Are Born or Become - Essay Example

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The essay “Leaders Are Born or Become?” believes that the first viewpoint "leaders are born" is outdated. The new leaders must get the best possible education and experience, the ability to find and analyze the necessary data, have group management skills, make rational use of limited resources etc…
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Leaders Are Born or Become
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Extract of sample "Leaders Are Born or Become"

Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Synthesis
Leaders run an organization. This running is based on high definition decisions which would either make the organization collapse or continue operating. From the case provided, there is a generalized idea that a leader does research, generate models and make decisions. However, what is lacking is that there are still levels of education required to attain a certain level of leadership. Advanced education levels are specific and very objective. A leader may have a PhD in product Marketing and another may have a graduate level education in marketing. The PhD holder will automatically have critical information about the market due to research already mentioned than the graduate leader. The idea that leaders are born may hold weight at low levels of organizational leadership. An efficient leader requires specified information to deal with specified issues in the organization (Paul and Sue 249).
An aspect of practitioners is presented in the case. Efficiency, information synthesis and literacy are part of a practitioner. In essence, the reason why a first year would not have much knowledge is because they have no practice. Practice brings experience and accuracy. William and Clarke (2006) indicate that a less practiced person would not know what information to look for. Therefore, information literacy is not just about having the information but also knowing the specific information to have. This is where there is a combination of both cognitive and affective domains of a practitioner.
Provision of the best is the key theme in the competitive market and industry. When the cognitive and affective domains are put to practice, the leader understands that what is required here is efficiency delivered within the given time. A struggle between experience, group management skills and economies on resources available becomes the key aspects of meeting such trendy demands. What therefore has been added to the decision making process is the need to synthesize information and deliver specificity instead of having a general idea of issues (William and Clark 200).


Paul, Warwick and Swaffield Sue. "Articulating and connecting frameworks of reflective practice and leadership." Reflective Practice 7.2 (2013): 247-263.
William, Place A. and Lindle Jane Clark. "Present company excepted or accepted?: Recognizing each other's faces in educational leadership's scholarship and practice." International Journal of Educational Management 20.3 (2006): 195-205. Read More
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Leaders Are Born or Become Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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