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Theory of Birth Order In this world everyone is extremely acknowledged of the fact that at every home where there is sibling, there arises rivalry. Always the child bore first take away much of the love and care of their parents and acquaintances. It has been even scientifically sought out that children born first end up being intelligent and smarter…
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Theory of Birth Order
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"Theory of Birth Order"

Birth order plays a significant role on one’s life, shaping emotionally, financially a person and educationally In order to re- establish this phenomena scientist found out that much of the U.S.Presidents,Nobel Laureates and Astronauts were first born children. Scientist proved that elder siblings gets much higher attention parents than young ones .This is the very same reason they score best scores in studies and other extra – curricular activities. As per (Cowley, 1996, pg 68-70)“Sulloway makes a compelling case that firstborns, whatever their age, sex, class or nationality, specialize in defending the status quo while later-borns specialize in toppling it”. The reason for superiority in the nurturing and upbringing also could be contributed to the excitement and anticipation of having a new born child. (Kluger& Cray,2007,pg 48-9)“The birth-order effect, for all its seeming robustness, is not indestructible. There's a lot that can throw it out of balance--particularly family dysfunction”. The child born first has the opportunity to avail best care and attention from their parents and relatives. Parents also in excitement give their full contribution of love and affection to their first child. First child is usually more intelligent and has proven to be good care taker of their parents. Birth order also has the ability to decide the personality traits of a child since his/her birth. In his article (Cooper,2010) writes that “It can be observed that first – born are generally polite, understanding, intelligent and active in real life. On the contrary younger siblings mostly are mischievous, lazy and ill behaving. It is mainly because, by the time the last children are born the parents become more relaxed and lenient with regards to rules and regulation. According to (Lee,2011)“By the time last born come along, parents are generally more relaxed about rules and regulations. Last born, who can be charming and self-centered, are quick to take advantage of that freedom”. It is understood that first born child make good leaders and politicians as they have positive traits like intelligence, courage, loyalty and determination. As per,(Radwan,2006)“The well-known fact is that firstborn children make great leaders. First born birth order traits include being reliable, well-organized, hard driven, serious and a natural leader.64% of the US Presidents have been firstborns, if not psychological firstborns”. Also elder children look up to parents as role model in order to built their personality and quality behavior. Even on emotional basis, the children born first have high confidence, cheerful ness, initiative and will power. “The first born or the eldest child usually develops different personality traits than his siblings especially the youngest one”. It is noted that children who are born first has the tendency to save money more efficiently than second or third child. In his website(Khamsi,2007)mentions that “The new research shows that it is social birth order - and not actual birth order - that really matters: a person whose older sibling died at a young age generally has a 2.3 point higher IQ score than other second-born individuals”. A person with a higher IQ also tends to spend less money and make savings for future. On the other side, children who are second or third have the tendency to spend more and be least concerned about savings and Read More
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Theory of Birth Order Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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