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Executive(management)Briefing - Assignment Example

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Now if a network of minds is created, it would be better than all the individual minds. One piece of information lies in one mind, an idea related to it lies in another, and a solution to a…
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Extract of sample "Executive(management)Briefing"

Download file to see previous pages This connection is mutually beneficial and businesses are able to build very valuable contacts. Business networking is a valuable way to expand knowledge, learn from success or failures of others, and tell others about your business (HÅKANSSON & JOHANSON, 2001). 
Research has become a little easier to conduct due to the availability of information technology and the internet. However, with these facilities, the expectations that researchers have to meet are much higher, and the criticism faced much tougher (POIRIER & REITER, 1996). Just reading different research articles, papers, journals and books are not enough for today’s researchers. Lecturers and professors want to expand their knowledge and know more and more and even that is not enough. Ever wonder what they would come up with if all these great minds are locked up in one room for a long time? But why lock them up? Why not let them get on with their lives, gain personal knowledge, and at the same time benefit the organizations they work for? Think about all the students they would teach with the refined knowledge that they gain. What a great help business networking would be for new lecturers.
By being a member of an educational business network, lecturers can build contacts and be involved in discussions that will benefit their own knowledge. They will be able to gain new ways of delivering lectures, researching, getting to know new issues that they can use as their research topics etc. Talking to people that belong to your own sphere will always be beneficial no matter what. Talking to likeminded people also gives a person the opportunity to get solid advice relating to all kinds of things such as teaching methods, new information, a different view on some subject, new ideas for research, a new source of information or anything that could even help with your personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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