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Timberland - Essay Example

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The leading company created its reputation by producing simple and durable footwear. It gained its popularity due to its environmental stewardship. Timberland stakeholders include its…
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Extract of sample "Timberland"

Unit Timberland: Discussion Questions Timberland is an American icon company that deals with footwear and outdoor accessories. The leading company created its reputation by producing simple and durable footwear. It gained its popularity due to its environmental stewardship. Timberland stakeholders include its employees, the other branch companies of timberland found in other countries, the partners of timberland such as Boston’s City Year, VF Corporation and family partnership. Timberland stakeholders’ map consists of stakeholders who are not in the other apparel companies. This is due to its competitive nature; timberland is a focused unique company as compared to other companies (Kurtz et al 113). It is famous for its increased development from being a Boot maker to a larger Earth keeper. Timberland has CEOS who have desirable traits; they have negotiation skills and humility. These are the success factors of timberland that made it appear on top of other companies.
Timberland stakeholders are futuristic about the company’s development. It does not concentrate only on its success but also what benefits it can bring to the earth. The stakeholders of Timberland Company work to the success of the company. They do not put in their self –dealings. Timberland Company progressed well due to the presence of devoted stakeholders who generate new ideas of improving the company. This company extended its service to other companies making it unique. It goes into partnership with other company stakeholders, which will provide support to its developing issues. Example of such stakeholders includes its partnership with Boston’s City year. Timberland in partnership with this company promotes community service. Timberland ensures that whatever chosen goal in place relates to social responsibility and sensitivity to the environment.
Timberland focus on Earth keeping it profitable to the company. All the processes at timberland involve the sensitivity to the environmental conservation. Unlike other companies, Timberland Company is concerned about the keeping of the environment whenever it undertakes any activity within the company. It works on the principle that one can run a profitable business and be considerate to basic human rights. During the production process, Timberland uses the recycled materials that are cost effective as compared to using new ones. It produces boots that have green soles, which are from recycled materials. By using materials, which are possible to recycle and are harmful to the environment, it promotes environment sustainability. The company involves itself in the focused environmental groups.
The company of Timberland offer community service. Annually, it gives employees forty paid hours every year to volunteer in their communities. They also participate in the two yearly company service events. These events coincide with Earth Day and Serv-a-palooza where Timberlands employees and partners participate. The company gets some benefits from the sponsors of such events. By engaging in such activities, Timberland gains market due to its popularity.
Timberland Company has its product manufactured in more than thirty-eight different countries. Due to this factor, it has many employees working in different fields like construction. The rising standards of the environment pose a greater risk of pollution and soil erosion. Timberland has put into consideration the need for conservation of the environment. It assists its manufacturing partners by improving the lands, water, and air, which are near their plants and tanneries. As a result, more than one million trees were planted within the last ten years. These factors make Timberland more competitive than other companies do.

Kurtz, David L, and Louis E. Boone. Contemporary Business. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2011. Print. Read More
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Timberland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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