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Grammatical differences between general american english and african american vernacular english (AAVE) - Assignment Example

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The use of American English and African American vernacular English (AAVE) continues to spread both throughout the United States and throughout the world thanks to the various cultural products. A number of creolists globally have studied the language with some arguing that AAVE…
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Grammatical differences between general american english and african american vernacular english (AAVE)
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Download file to see previous pages This report seeks to investigate the intricate grammatical features of the language and compare such with the General American English. In doing this, the research will analyses the lyrical contents of a number of songs created by such celebrated African American artists as Jay Z and Kanye West while comparing such with the songs composed with such American artists as John Legend. The report seeks to portray the differences between the two types of English languages and establish the role of arts, especially music in enhancing the spread of each.
African American vernacular English is a common language in the United States whose structure comprises of a variety of dialects, sociolects and ethnolects. The language is common among bi-dialect African Americans and has a number of phonological and grammatical similarities with other American dialects of language spoken in the Southern in America. The difference between AAVE and general English spoken by other Americans is clear given the unique grammatical differences in the two types of English dialects. The use of the two different languages is distinct often depending on the cultural backgrounds of the various ethnicities in the country. Artists play a fundamental role in the use of language. Musicians in this context compose their lyrics systematically by using language to communicate. The pattern in the United States is distinct with most of the African American musicians using AAVE while other artists using standards general English. The musicians enhance the spread of the languages. Furthermore, they influence the structure of the languages with their artistic manipulation of language. American English and African American vernacular English (AAVE) and General American English have a number of grammatical differences as the discussion below portrays.
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