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Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language - Article Example

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This article called "Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language" describes the variants of the English language. This work argues that Standard English is not superior to Non-standard English and the reasons for why this is the case. The author outlines the differences between them, their peculiarities. …
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Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language
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Extract of sample "Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language"

Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, it is essential to understand that this language is neutral by nature, and through the use of it over time will change according to different groups of people and their speaking ability when using it throughout the world. Due to this, David Wallace holds the view that we “can't escape language: Language is everything and everywhere; it is what lets us have anything to do with one another” (41). It would, therefore, be important if altogether. Nevertheless, there is a need to accept the Standard English language as the basis for other English variations that have developed. The English language requires learned usage; it is the proper application pragmatic, and the meaning of words happens as essential elements to communicating in English successfully. Principally because it is the language most widely used in different forms of formal communication, irrespective of what part of the world one resides. However, Curzan seems to hold a different opinion on the use of Standard English altogether. She holds “Standard English and prescriptive grammar are about who has the social power to prescribe and who silences in the process” (Curzan, 877). The essay, therefore, argues that Standard English is not superior to Non-standard English and the reasons for why this is the case.
According to George Orwell, “Modern English, especially written English, is of bad (Orwell, 1). Therefore, Orwell observes that there is a need to take the necessary trouble to rectify the bad modern English language. Despite this fact, Curzan does not object to Orwell’s idea. Instead, she expresses the opinion that it is not good to emphasize more on the usage of the Standard English language and its prescriptive rules of grammar. She is more interested in preserving the Standard English language in its originality. The argument here is that it is rationally dishonest “to pretend that written Standard English is above question” (Curzan, 871). Her recommendation, therefore, is that students should have adequate opportunity to challenge the rule of Standard English without concern as if they are over-ambitious or as though they are breaking a sacred rule.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language Article, n.d.)
Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language Article.
(Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language Article)
Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language Article.
“Debate Surrounding the Standard and the Non-Standard English Language Article”.
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