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Official Status of the English Language - Term Paper Example

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The author states that the official status of the English language is very different in Inner Circle, Outer Circle, and Expanding Circle contexts and identifies how this status shapes the debates over education that arise in different parts of the world…
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Extract of sample "Official Status of the English Language"

Download file to see previous pages It is clear that today English receives varying official status based on the point of view of Inner Circle, Outer Circle, and Expanding Circle contexts, which eventually shapes the debates over education arising in different parts of the world. This is the main point that the work at hand addresses. However, prior to that, it is important to understand how Kachru defined each of the components of Kachru’s Three Circle model.

Kachru’s Inner Circle represents the English-speaking countries, but with a significant combination of monolingual speakers and speakers of English as a second or third language like New Zealand, Australia, UK, and the US (Hewings and Tagg, 2012, p.95).

The Outer Circle English-speaking countries involve South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries colonized by English speaking countries and now English has become their second language or even the medium of instruction. In other words, Kachru’s Outer Circle may be composed of countries with British colonial heritage or American colonialization of using English in education (Hewings and Tagg, 2012, p.95).

In Expanding Circle country, English has no official status but learned as a foreign language primarily for communication with speakers of another language (Hewings and Tagg, 2012, p.18). For instance, in Japan from past English was not an essential component of life. Thus, Japan can be one of those countries in the Expanding Circle. However, recently the country has the ideology that learning English is linked to economic advantage and improved employment prospects, which makes learning English a lifestyle choice nowadays. For this reason, it might be well argued that English could be something like a requirement ignited by globalization and the global market (Hewings and Tagg, 2012, p.18). In other words, the Expanding Circle countries have no obvious colonial history of English, leading them to consider English as a foreign language (Hewings and Tagg, 2012, p.95). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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