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Managment assignment - Essay Example

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People spend a lot more time this days doing the tests online and receiving the feedback. The Myers Briggs system has become very popular together with…
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Managment assignment
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Extract of sample "Managment assignment"

Information Discovering one’s personality by use of the Human metrics Jungian Typology Test is fast becoming very famous among people. People spend a lot more time this days doing the tests online and receiving the feedback. The Myers Briggs system has become very popular together with the Human metrics results. These systems make use of four fundamental human attributes which are extraversion or introversion, sensing or intuiting, thinking or feeling and finally judging or perceiving. From these four traits, sixteen different personality types can be gotten. They can be abbreviated as ISFP,ESFP,ISTP, ESTP,INJT,ENTJ,INPT,ENPT,ISJF,ESJF,ISJT,ESTJ,INJF,ENJF,INFP,ENFP. It is fair to say that in some instances, it gives true reflection of an individual whereas in other case it exaggerates the character traits of an individual. It is however good way of self-evaluation.
About the results of my test, most of the findings here are true about me. I generally tend to prefer introverts to extroverts and that is clearly reflected in the 11% score that I got on preference of introversion over extraversion. I naturally pay more attention to the dynamics of the information I received over the one that I sense with my five senses. I have to study to clearly grasp some events, I am also very adventures, always looking to explore new horizons. So on that front, the 25% of moderate preference of intuition over sensing is fully justified. I don’t have any preferences when it comes to choosing between thinking and feeling. I take both of them more less the same way. The 33% that I got in my preference of judging over perceiving is pretty accurate. I have a weakness of judging situations rather just perceiving them in one way or the other.
It is safe to say am a social guy who loves fun and is outgoing. My generosity is also quite evident in my day to day life. I think honestly that I can do remarkably well in a career where this traits are vital like for instance events coordination, nursing, fundraising, conflict resolution and mediation and performing arts like music.
My leadership would more or less consultative and consensus seeking. It would be the type of leadership where people work harmonious with minimum friction or conflict. I tolerate ambiguity to a certain level that is not so detrimental. Am definitely a type B person because I not so ambition and aggressive as other are. I also take things a little slower giving a little thought. I am not overly bothered by stiff competition or high risk. This type of personality will definitely augur well with management because management position needs a sober head that has room for an extra thought. I prefer being managed in a friendly manner that is free of coercion. Where everyone has his/her work cut off and work is done with minimum interference and supervision.
There is no difference really between the Myers Briggs in the SAL and the Human-metrics results. This is because both of them deal with the psychological preferences and elements of human beings such as thinking, sensing, intuition and feeling. There is a relationship between the big five and Myers Briggs personality tests. It is even safe to say that the Myers Briggs system is in arbitrary big five without requisite emotional stability emotional stability.
Carolyn F C (2003), Personality: A and B user guide. Washington, DC, National Academy Press.s Read More
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(Managment Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Managment Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Managment Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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