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My personality type - Essay Example

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This essay "My Personality Type" discusses that I am an extrovert and prefer to interact with people and feel motivated by these interactions, while my high score in my preference for sensing rather than intuition is expected because I do not like being abstract and prefer to focus on the details…
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My personality type
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My Personality Type
From the Jungian 16-type personality test, my score was ESFP, which is fair according to my self-view. I am an extrovert and prefer to interact with people and feel motivated by these interactions, while my high score in my preference for sensing rather than intuition is expected because I do not like being abstract and prefer to focus on the details. I also agree with my score on perception over judgment since I prefer to keep my options open at all time, although I was surprised that I scored highly as a feeling person because I thought I was more likely to use logic when making decisions, rather than personal feelings. I also think my score of 75 that makes me a Type B personality is correct, particularly because I am laid back and rarely frustrated or aggressive. However, I do not think I am an excessive procrastinator. My score of 15 in the ambiguity test was surprising as I do not think I am that intolerant, although it is true that my perception of situations is normally that of a threat. Finally, my scores on the creativity test were not what I expected because I believe I am inventful and insightful.
My ESFP score will mean that as a leader, I will have the knack for persuading, motivating, and mobilizing members of the grouphis is because I enjoy spending time with others, understand other people, have good interpersonal skills, can understand the emotions of others, and respond to these emotions in a productive manner (Sharp 45). My score in the ambiguity test means that, as a leader, it will be important not to deal with ambiguity by creating my own certainty. In addition, there is a risk that I could be dictatorial and averse to risk. With regards to my personality type B result, as a leader, I would be supportive, although it would also mean I would be the center of attention and, therefore, have centralized leadership. However, I would also be very persuasive because of my competitiveness (Sharp 45).
As an employee needing management, I would prefer to be allowed to experiment with new ideas, take part in brainstorming sessions because I can move from one idea to the next quickly, and be independent and free, rather than secure and safe. In addition, I would not like to be entrusted with strictly defined and repetitive tasks (Sharp 50). As a Type B personality, I would prefer to work directly with the managers to collaborate and not to be supervised. I addition, I would prefer not to be in an isolated job and work with others, as well as added responsibilities and increased interactions. However, my moderately low tolerance for ambiguity would require management to ensure that there was less certainty concerning expectations and standards of performance. In addition, I would also prefer that there was clear information about career progress (Sharp 45). Finally, my creative scores mean that I would prefer to work ion collaboration, rather than isolation where I am required to lead innovation.
There are a few differences between my Myers-Briggs results in the SAL and the Human-metrics results. First, the Human-metrics results show that I have a distinctive preference for intuition over sensing, which contrasts with the SAL results that show me having more preference for sensing over intuition. Also, there is a difference in that the Human-metrics test shows that I moderately prefer thinking to feel, while my SAL results show that I prefer to focus on people’s feelings than logic. Finally, the Meyers Briggs and Big 5 results are related to four factors in the Big 5 results strongly correlated with those in the MBTI. Openness in the Big 5 test has a strong correlation with intuition, moderate correlation with extraversion and perceiving, and mild correlation with feeling.
Works Cited
Sharp, Daryl. Personality Types. Toronto: Inner city books, 2011. Print. Read More
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My Personality Type Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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