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Creative ideas - Assignment Example

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I would consider starting a savings plan with the casual workers in the rural areas. Banks have failed to venture into the rural areas. I will bring them together and help them save as a group. We will contribute as a group…
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Creative ideas
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Extract of sample "Creative ideas"

DRAFT CREATIVE IDEAS ON BUSINESS VENTURES A business idea is a thought in mind that can be utilized by a person or a groupof people to realize profits.
Economic forces
Our country has been supportive to the banking sector. I would consider starting a savings plan with the casual workers in the rural areas. Banks have failed to venture into the rural areas. I will bring them together and help them save as a group. We will contribute as a group and save the money in one bank. After enough savings, we will borrow loans from the bank and start up a real estate company that can build rental houses and estates. It is a brilliant idea since the bank will be ready to help the group. In the end, we will realize super profits and this will help not only me but also the poor casual workers and improve their living standards by far.
Social forces
David Bornstein (2004) argues that the success of a business does not depend upon the how well it is runned or how well it is managed but depends on how well it serves the customers. Every business idea should serve to fulfill the needs of the immediate consumers. Many people have put up business for fashion clothes for the young generation. I will start up a page on facebook that will advertise the best shops to go shopping. Having as many likes as possible will lure the business to advertise their products on my facebook page and in return, I will enjoy profits. 90% of the young generation visit facebook on daily basis and therefore products advertised on this page will have many viewers and therefore many buyers in the end.
Technological forces
Many students own laptops and use them to aid their study. However, there are few repairers of the machines in campuses. Students are forced to go into towns looking for people to repair their machines. Setting up a computer repair centre in school will solve this problem. I will employ computer repairers to do the repairs. Due to the high numbers of customers, the business will realize many profits. The centre will not only repair but also service the machines.
Political and regulatory forces
For establishment of each company, the government requires that the members draft a constitution. Drafting a constitution for a company has hindered many companies from establishing themselves. I will establish a company that will offer the service of making a constitution for people who want to register their companies. This will help many people who are challenged by the task of writing a constitution.
Solving a problem
Many companies are willing to advertise their products or services to the students in campuses but lack the forum to do so. There has not been a person to link them to the students. I will establish a company that will help connect the advertisers and the students. A company willing to advertise its products or hold a forum will come through me so that I can bring together the students. Through my influential nature, I will be able to bring students together and the companies will have a chance to advertise their products or services. The main role of my business will to bring students together and organize them in a hall in school for the business. I will also help these companies to get a hall and arrange it on their behalf.
Filling a market gap
Establishing a market gap and filling it the beginning of success in business. (Drucker, 1985). Most students in campus barely have enough money to cater for their needs. However, university management has done little to help them. Starting from the basic needs of food, Universities have not set up cheap catering services to students and on the contrary have only established big restaurants in the school to cater for the lecturers and the well up students. I will therefore establish a canteen that will have cheap fast foods and fruits for the students. This will solve a big problem for the students and will help them live happily in their financial levels.
Works cited
Bornstein, David. “How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas.” Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. Print.
Drucker, Peter . “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Practice and Principles.” New York: Harper & Row, 1985. Print. Read More
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