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The Procurement Management Process of Recreational Equipment Inc - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Procurement Management Process of Recreational Equipment Inc" focuses on the importance for any business of the procurement management process: creating a successful procurement team, evaluating suppliers, creating a correct offer including price, delivery time and quality, etc.   …
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The Procurement Management Process of Recreational Equipment Inc
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Extract of sample "The Procurement Management Process of Recreational Equipment Inc"

Download file to see previous pages The paper gives emphasis on the procurement management process and has described the same with regard to Recreational Equipment Inc. The procurement management process is defined as steps, which are required for purchasing or acquiring services or products from any source that is outside the limits of a firm or organization. The sources are external suppliers of the products. Procurement management includes maintaining a good relationship with suppliers for ensuring that the organization is receiving a high level of services. It assures that purchasers receive those goods, which they have paid for. The success of an organization depends on the effectiveness of the procurement process and therefore, managers need to create plans for procuring goods and services, facilitating the reduction of cost and time of delivery.
There are many fundamental steps in the process. At the initial stage, the procurement process depends on changes in technology, attitude, and personnel. A positive method is needed to be adopted, which stresses on a satisfying relationship with the suppliers. Suppliers are regarded as the most critical component in the procurement process of any company. In case of any dispute with these suppliers, the organization is bound to suffer from the unavailability of the required resources, which in turn heavily affects the entire production process.
Recreational Equipment Inc. has donated millions of dollars for supporting the conservation efforts that they have undertaken worldwide. It sends dedicated teams for volunteering in activities across several places nationwide. The activities include restoring local habitats, cleaning up the beaches as well as the building of trials. Therefore, through many business practices, the company has tried to reduce environmental damages that have been created by their actions (Recreational Equipment, Inc, 2014).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Procurement Management Process of Recreational Equipment Inc Case Study.
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