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The Process of Procurement of Materials in the Implementation of a Project - Research Paper Example

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The current study focuses on the process of procurement, the strategy that is available for an efficient procurement policy, as well as learns about the different forms of contracts. The study would thus make an understanding of the needs and policies of the procurement strategies…
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The Process of Procurement of Materials in the Implementation of a Project
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Extract of sample "The Process of Procurement of Materials in the Implementation of a Project"

Download file to see previous pages Depending on the type of the project to be worked on, the process of procurement may be considered for direct goods, or indirect goods, or tangible or intangible items. For example, in relation to the production and manufacturing industries, the procurement process occurs for direct or indirect goods, direct goods referring to the materials required directly in the manufacturing process, while indirect goods might not have a direct need, yet have an indirect influence on the process as a whole. An example of a tangible item that might be needed for procurement is the software for a computer. In the cases of other services, the procurement is needed for designing a project, the manufacturing process, the installation techniques as well as the maintenance of the work done. Thus projects that are based on contracts generally involve the procurement strategies and techniques (Kovacs, 2004, pp.7-8). Project procurement is considered as an intricate and difficult process of making a purchase of the necessary equipment for different needs in different industries. Thus suitable personnel are required for the achievement of this work. The management of the project involves setting up appropriate measures to distribute the roles and responsibilities of the staff in the different parts of the procurement process for a particular project. The items for procurements would vary with different industries. While the selection of the materials to be procured is considered, it is of utmost significance that the materials are essential and match with the requirements of the respective projects (Kovacs, 2004, pp.8-28). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Essay: Procurements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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