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Project Management Body of Knowledge - Assignment Example

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The author of the present paper "Project Management Body of Knowledge" will begin with the statement that the establishment of the proper specification requires a combined approach with the inputs of all the stakeholders being factored in…
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Project Management Body of Knowledge
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Extract of sample "Project Management Body of Knowledge"

The idea and the final decision by the M/s Nurol to subcontract was just a wonderful decision which I think worked well for the company towards the acceptance of its technical proposal by the client, Tourism Development and Investment Company. It is evident that the whole project of the construction of the Sadiyat Service Tunnel to the lower Museum was a multi-package project, encompassing the mechanical works, the electrical works and the low current systems (Oncu 2003, p.2). The implication of the whole decision of subcontracting begun to take route right from the time of the development of the technical proposals. In my understanding, therefore, the aspect of the specialization and dedication by each of the three contracted companies to their specific areas and intended packages in the whole project were indeed instrumental in achieving the success of the technical proposal (Project Management Institute 2008, p.317). And just to be certain of the capabilities of the three subcontracted companies to deliver on their responsibilities, I think Nurol made an informed and indeed rewarding decision to reward these subcontracts to M/s AlNas, M/s Venus and M/s Nora / Zener, based on their key performance indicators (KPI) and signing the Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) would ensure commitment and discipline both in drafting the specification and actual project implementation.
I am also given to believe that in the same connection when the specification is drafted with the help of the companies which intend to participate in the actual project implementation, the levels of the honesty increase. This is an aspect that comes in since the contracted company intends to gain further from the pending project. In a similar way, the levels of honesty and accuracy would increase to eliminate any chances of blames in future in case of problems, since the same contracted company shall have been involved in the project from the onset. Blames would be transferable in any way. These are recipes for proper and accurate specifications which occurred in the case of this project specification documentation.
In addition to the above merits of the subcontracting and the decision to incorporate the subcontracted companies in the initial steps including the specification documentation, this would also help the accumulation of varied knowledge and expertise necessary for the project performance (Oncu et al. 2003, p.3). This is due to the different dimensions of thought and the experience gathered from the prospective contractors. This wealth of knowledge is specifically gained during the assessment of the key performance indicators and during the actual performance of the project, encompassing the different subcontractors for different packages as was the case in this project by the Nurol.
This answer, therefore, elaborates on the very sound inputs by different stakeholder, especially the contractors even at the level of procurement material and or service specification.

Undeniably, as put by Aberdeen (2005) organizations referred to as the “best in class” carry out strategic planning of their procurement needs and as such save twice the cost per procurement. It is also true that the cost consideration is crucial in the evaluation of the procurement plan to adopt.
As also indicated in the answer to the discussion question, there are other cost dimensions to be considered such as the technological and the strategic dimensions of the cost. However, there are other concerns which impact on or still boil down to the cost, that need to be factored in and considered (Sollish, 2011). During the project implementation, there are basic concerns which once not met, will either ruin the project or result in increased expenditure (OGC 2009). These project goals include the timeliness of the project tasks and activities, the concern on the budget allocations for the project and finally the attainment of the project main goal with reference to the quality of the final output. What happens as regards the first two concerns have the repercussions on the cost.
As indicated in the answer to the discussion question about the hidden costs, the quality of the materials sought after during the procurement process would form part of the cost. In this connection, I would suggest that as the organizations seek to minimize the cost, they should be keen enough to ensure that in their specifications in the procurement are of the desired quality (Mcevov 2012). This is because the effect of the poor quality materials could even be more disastrous in terms of the cost to the organizations. It is my view that a balance should be sought between the obvious cost and the quality of the materials and the services procured
The other point in which I have a concern is the use of the standard procurement documents. Read More
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