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The Main Development of e Marketing and its Effect on Tourism - Essay Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date The main Developments of e Marketing and its Effects on Tourism Having grown to become a pillar of the global economy, econometrics traces the growth of tourism sixty years back. Fact-findings put across that, tourism growth and development owes its success to social change, political corporation, and far-reaching advances in technology in both infrastructure and communications (United Nations, 2004:3)…
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The Main Development of e Marketing and its Effect on Tourism
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Download file to see previous pages This essay will seek to address some of the major developments of e marketing and their effects on tourism. Additionally, it will also look at the major issues related to technology and innovation as well as their impacts on global tourism. Understanding and managing technological change and innovation To begin with, the recent advances and developments in connectivity and power processing facilitated by Information Communication Technology are undeniable. It is also agreeable and true that the expansion of broadband is part of the greatest challenges of the 21st century, which, once the world overcomes it, will witness the end of the ‘plague of distance’ that exists globally. Simultaneously, the ‘smart world’ in which are living in whose landscape albeit experiencing a permanent process of evolution is offering clearer, becoming friendlier, and presenting solutions that serve in reducing money and time and opening new paths towards the personalization of products and services. At this point, it is understandable that, in this world, in spite of its tones of inequalities offers an immense space to increase travel, because many barriers that once prevented or slowed global travel are gradually declining (Alipour, 2011:1). As of today, combination of technology and price comparison is increasingly shaping the activities of tourism. Experts are developing new applications for mobiles that offer a wide range of opportunities, social networks are consolidating themselves within a more transparent market where citizens are in a position to develop and provide services together, and changes in the concept of the value chain are producing new business models. In other words, change is becoming more constant and obvious, just as the opportunities that it is creating and presenting. However, technological advancements are presenting a challenge for the tourism industry. It is therefore vital understand the main trends that are influencing supply and demand, to know what is managing the change in the external environment while evolving at the same rate (McMaster, Kato, and Khan, 2005:12). Moreover, it is congruent to converse with the improved capacity for tourism organizations to respond via policies that can better integrate diverse interests, taking into account the whole range of potential of a destination. Business analysts recognize the internet as a widely and extremely valuable tool of marketing. This is because; the internet gives substantial merits over traditional methods of communication. The offers increased customer involvement in controlling transactions, increases the speed of transferring and retrieving information, and reduces the costs involved in communication. The internet is offering the tourism industry a greater flexibility of using the marketing mix (Kim, 2004:5). As such, it increases internal and external communications as well as facilitates market research. Tourism industry depends highly on internet in intensifying and improving customer services, product development, market penetration, cost saving via reengineering, product delivering, and in direct marketing. The use of internet transformed the tourism indus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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