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Unit 4 - Assignment Example

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The changing trend is as a result of the company’s desire to gain access to not only a staff with the desired knowledge and skills but also one whose emotional…
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Unit 4 Assignment
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Extract of sample "Unit 4"

Legal Issues Regarding Personality Testing In Employment Applications There has been a recent surge in personality tests utilization in many hiring and placement firms across the world. The changing trend is as a result of the company’s desire to gain access to not only a staff with the desired knowledge and skills but also one whose emotional intelligence is likely to have a match with the position the person hold in the company. A recent research shows that cognitive measurements together with academic qualifications lead to amazing success in the workplace. However, several legal aspects surround personality-testing aspects during recruitment process, as one should not have a job denial because of unfulfilling personality (Taylor and Kluemper).
It is not appropriate to use the personality tests as a main factor of job consideration, since many errors accompany the personality tests. Response distortion among the applicants is common as they align themselves with the best descriptive words that will win the hearts of the employer. The respondent can also be at a state of low mood at examination time hence the bias. It is worth noting that many people are dynamic and hence express different facets of personality.
In addition to that, it is not appropriate to use these tests for the disabled people. Some occupations also do not require personality screening. The Americans with Disability Act outlines that people known to have psychiatric conditions should be exempted for the people with mental illnesses. The examinations should have a relation with the job opportunity at stake (Morgeson et al.).
It is justifiable to use clinical personality tests for highly sensitive occupations such as cabin crews and police officers. The tests are likely to cause generally negative public relations feelings. The tools are excellent as they allow one to excavate deeply into a person’s perception about a specific job. However, the tests they should not receive excess overreliance from the employee as they only reflect a tip of iceberg regarding the personality.
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Unit 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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