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This research paper dwells upon the Human Resource Management in relation to Barclays and Unilever Companies. The purpose of this research is to investigate the following: recruitment and selection; monitoring and rewarding employees and employment exit procedures. …
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Human Resource Management: cases of Barclays and Unilever
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that personnel management refers to the set of activities about the workers that incorporated recruitment, payroll, contractual requirements and other “administrative tasks”. In this respect, personnel management includes the number of actions that are to do with controlling the employees instead of resources. “Personnel management is more administrative in nature” and the personnel manager’s core job are to guarantee that the requirements of the employees are met as they relate to their immediate concerns. With the beginning of resource-focused organizations during current decade, it has turn out to be crucial to place “people first” and protect management goals of capitalizing on the Return on Investment. This has caused to the growth of the contemporary HRM role that is mainly related to ensure the achievement of management goals and simultaneously guaranteeing that the requirements of the resources are supported. Thus, HRM differs from personnel management not just in its wider extent but also in the manner in which its task is under explanation. HRM goes further than the administrative chores of personnel management and takes account of a wider vision of the way management would like the resources to chip in towards the achievement of the business. HRM indicates a change in focus and policy and is compatible with the requirements of the contemporary organization. HRM focuses on the planning, scrutinizing and managing aspects of resources while personnel management was mainly about arbitrating amid the administration and workforce. Role of HR Manager Keeping in view the size of the organization, the HR manager has responsibility for every function that is related to the requirements and activities of the workforce including staffing, hiring, providing guidance, organizational growth, communication, performance appraisal, training, strategy advice, income and remuneration, maintaining healthy employee relations, and exhibiting leadership skills (Briscoe et al, p. 193, 2008). Approaches adopted by Barclays Barclays Bank currently adopts the HRM approach (Mathis & Jackson, p. 173, 2011). There have been several aspects that changed HRM approach during recent years. One of the aspects that supposedly have hampered the function is that a lot of time has been assigned to organizational activities and inadequate time to “transformational” (Hendry & Pettigrew, p. 141, 2005) ones. To deal with this issue, Barclays has sought to join activities by the use of mutual service centres, to computerize through e-HR applications and to regulate strategies as well as procedures. There are several advantages of using mutual service centres Barclays Bank. This is mainly true where it has the significant mass to validate a responsibility of huge size and intricacy. Economies of scale, consistency in strategies and better control over a group are some of the easily noticed advantages. The bank functions within a lively environment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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