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New Topic - Personal Statement Example

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The first component is process, where the company systematically captures and shares important knowledge (Dalkir & Liebowitz, 2011, p.325). One the main challenge here is choosing…
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New Topic
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Extract of sample "New Topic"

February 6, The major components of a KM strategy build on an organization’s process, people, and technology. The first component is process, where the company systematically captures and shares important knowledge (Dalkir & Liebowitz, 2011, p.325). One the main challenge here is choosing the right technology and systems that encourage, systematize, and ease the flow of information collection and sharing. This can be mitigated by ensuring that the chosen systems and tools fit the KM needs and goals of the company.
The next component of a KM strategy is process-oriented again, which is building and nurturing a knowledge-sharing culture (Dalkir & Liebowitz, 2011, p.325). One of the challenges is creating communities with active facilitators and contributors. This can be resolved through forming a culture where learning communities are established. These communities allow people to take risks in developing and sharing their ideas. Another challenge is rewarding KM practices, and this can be done by embedding KM goals into performance management systems.
The last component is making a unified knowledge network (Dalkir & Liebowitz, 2011, p.328). People and technology are needed to continue operating KM practices. Some of the main issues are continuity in tools, conflict management, and diversity management. They can be resolved through IT audits that accompany KM audits, and ensuring that there are suitable policies and processes that provide guidelines for conflict management and diversity management. It is important to set up a clear and practical KM system that legitimizes KM goals, directions, and strategies. The KM system must be supported by the management and constantly evaluated for further improvement.
Dalkir, K., & Liebowitz, J. (2011). Knowledge management in theory and practice (2nd ed). Massachusetts: MIT Press. Read More
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