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Management Strategies - impression management (IM) - Essay Example

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Over the years, the concept of impression management (IM) has played a significant role in both post bureaucratic and bureaucratic organizations. Often, most people adopt impression management strategies to influence the impression or image others have on them. …
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Management Strategies - impression management (IM)
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Extract of sample "Management Strategies - impression management (IM)"

Download file to see previous pages IM is also used when an individual wishes to maintain and create a specific identity. Often, an individual achieves the goal by exhibiting certain behaviors, both non-verbal and verbal, which causes others to view the individual as desired. Existing research about IM reveals that, it is a dynamic process, which occurs incessantly during interpersonal interactions (Merkl-Davies & Brennan 2007, p120). As people interact with others, they establish signals or cues that indicate how other people perceive them. Therefore, the underlying assumption of this study is to discuss the impression management strategies for performance management in both bureaucratic and post-bureaucratic organizations.
According to Kaplan & Fisher (2009, p320), impression management is a goal-directed behavior in bureaucratic organizations. For instance, most job candidates engage into some forms of deceptive such as personality assessment to succeed in the interview process. Although deception is an issue affecting both bureaucratic and post-bureaucratic organizations, the truth of the matter is that many employees continue to use it to further their goals with the organizations. A research by Harris, Gallagher & Rossi (2013, p171) reveals that, most employees who engage into deception often gain organizations benefits such as promotions. In some instances, an employee may impress his/her supervisor by the fact that, he has a strong work background in the immediate field. In other instance, an employee may provide untrue information about his personality.
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