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Miguels Hourly Performance Evaluation - Essay Example

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I am a person who sets vision, defines values, and act as a role model to create a culture that delivers on time and on budget, and sets…
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Miguels Hourly Performance Evaluation
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Extract of sample "Miguels Hourly Performance Evaluation"

Miguel’s Hourly Performance Evaluation Affiliation: Performance Evaluation Quality of Work I demonstrate attention to details defines and organizes tasks, priorities, responsibilities and take responsibility for timely completion. I am a person who sets vision, defines values, and act as a role model to create a culture that delivers on time and on budget, and sets superior standards with my work recommended for its high notch degree of accuracy.
I anticipate problem areas and associated risk echelons with objective rationale. My high skill of diagnosing problems applying the formal problem solving tools and techniques from multiple angles and probing of underlying issues help to generate multiple potential resolutions.
Voluntarily takes the first initiative in identifying and addressing potential and existing issues, opportunities, and obstacles (The University of British Colombia , 2011). Creatively identify and determine resources, technical needs and support team and initiates planning for potentially significant contingency plan and outcomes by integrating future and conflicting scenarios with opportunities.
Focuses on a great consistency to the customers serve both internal and external ensuring high quality products and services by proper aligning and allocating resources to meet the objective of customer satisfaction and product utility.
Develops strategies and plan that meet the technology and, or the architecture requirements of the organization. As an IT expert, I use scheduling software incorporate such plans and strategies to the business vision, goals, strategies, priorities, industry trends, emerging technology, and economic viability which help me and the department effectively plan for activities and have ultimately saved the organization time and money (Maurer & Robert, 2012).
My business experience helps me run my work activities in a cost efficient manner by proactively conducting work progress and department reviews to reprioritize resources and apply corrective action that respond to business strategy, budget and initiatives against established objectives, and milestone to enhance high level of efficiency and effectiveness.
Flexibility/ Adaptability
Engages the right group of individuals within and beyond organization boundaries, by matching individual skills and capabilities to buy-in support and problem definition methods of resolution and accountability. Solicits and generates the approval of senior leadership prior to defining acute issues and solution to indistinct, multifaceted teething troubles of high risk, which can span across and beyond the enterprise.
Team Oriented
Consistently fosters collaboration with other members of informal and formal groups in pursuit of common mission, values, mutual goals and vision, places team priorities and needs above individual needs, involving others in decision making that affect the team, drawing their strengths and giving credit to others achievements and contribution. Monitors individual and team effectiveness, share lessons learnt and credits for the team accomplishments, and recommend necessary improvement to facilitate the collaboration (The University of British Colombia , 2011). Volunteers to mentor and develop crucial talents for the future, including team successors, by identifying plans development for mentoring activities in a functional area in alignment with the vision, mission, and values of the organization that ensures continuous quality improvement.
Uses acquired business and organizational analysis to identify and define the action and potential consequences comparing and contrasting them against predetermined criteria with minimal supervision. I am a self-starter and undertake my duties with passion working within and beyond my allocated activities that has create trust to the people I have served before and admired by many of my colleagues and earned me respect in and outside the organization. This can be said by my hard work to have managed an entire floor with 30 machines by myself in the organization, which is a job of two or three technicians.
Relationship Management
Partners with wide circles of contacts and involves them to generate mutually beneficial long-term prospects to achieve win-win outcomes, share opportunities, and credits with members within my network. Encourages and attends relevant formal and informal professional groups that maintain health professional relationship. Seeks a consensus within the group that upholds fairness and professionalism regardless of background of its members.
My Goals for 2012 Goals /Plant Goals
Statistical Process Control (SPC) has helped in the in monitoring, controlling, and improving manufacturing. My initiative to use WinSPC networking within the organization allows all the departments to monitor production and quality process in good time eliminating defects, manufacturing scrap, and waste that has reduced scrap at a rate of 2.65% and with an on time delivery improving to 99%. This has increased customer satisfaction and reduced customer returns. This integration has reduced daily-recorded accidents and loss of time resulting from these accidents. It has worked effectively to reduce space utilized for production and storage and saved the organization production related costs amounting to$300,000 by introducing this lean initiatives and the Kaizen participation.
Personal Goal Achievement
My goal is to learn more about Ciba tooling components, learn how to fix the molds for when we have broken edge and other defects. Learn more about Dexcom automation. These components find an extensive use in the engineering industry, which apply to my career, and other similar industries.
I graduated in October 2011 Bachelor of Science in Network Communication Management. I also graduated this month and I received my Master of Business Administration. - I hope to one-day move up to within the company as an IT or engineer position. I want to be able offer my knowledge and my education to the company. I want to be able to come out with a conclusion of how to save money for the company, I want to come out with way for us technicians to do our jobs more accurate, less down time, work as team, for our shift to meet our goals. I want to implement come ideas to have a better safe environment, sufficient and effective information system, and enhance high-level quality production and customer satisfaction. I want to learn as much as I can in all aspects of IT not only the technical aspects, but also the project management. Understand on dealing with my clients and my co-workers to develop myself into a high level professional.
Miguel‘s Comments
I have strong interpersonal skills with good judgment about people and ability to acknowledge their ability to contribute to a given solution, which will help me integrate well with my colleagues in the industry. My rich experience in information technology gives me an upper hand to identify and solve some existing organization IT issues and incorporate my knowledge and skill into improving the company IT system management to enhance high quality production and customer utility (Dinero & Donald, 2005). My Master of Business Administration will be also a boost to handling my support team to enhance cohesion and promote professional interrelationship that can translate to uplifting workers motivation and high production. I never assume my customers satisfaction with my products and services, so I follow up them to my best to provide a feedback. This can provide a valuable insight into the company products characteristics and quality. I am also able to pass important information aimed at designing product units to help in improving both final product and the process.
Dinero, & Donald. (2005). Training Within Industry: The Foundation of. Productivity Press. ISBN 1-56327-307-1.
Maurer, & Robert. (2012). The Spirit of Kaizen: Creating Lasting Excellence One Small Step at a Time (1 ed.). McGraw-Hill. ISBN 978-0071796170.
The University of British Colombia . (2011, April 19). A place of mind. Retrieved December 4, 2013, from IT career framework: Read More
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