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Resource management is significantly more difficult in a multiproject environment than in a single project environment because resources have to be shared in the former unlike the latter. Sharing of resources means that work may be delayed if a resource is not made available on…
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Answer questions
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Q Ans. Project team personnel are the critical resource of project for numerous reasons as listed below: They are the actual people that are working at the grass-root level.
They control all other non-human resources of the project.
Being human, they are likely to indulge in conflicts with one another unlike any other resource.
Other resources cannot leave the project any time like project team personnel most of whom are always in search of better work opportunities and leave as soon as they find some.
They cannot be replaced without substantial liabilities upon the project like other resources such as a piece of equipment because each worker is the only person who completely knows his work.
The functions of management i.e. organizing, leading, directing, and controlling all fundamentally relate to human resources.
Owing to these facts, project team personnel are the critical resource that needs to be managed.
Q. 2: Ans.
Resource management is significantly more difficult in a multiproject environment than in a single project environment because resources have to be shared in the former unlike the latter. Sharing of resources means that work may be delayed if a resource is not made available on time. Difficulties commonly encountered by management in multiproject environment include resource reallocation, priority setting, and internal competition among projects (Awati).
One rule of thumb is to make a resource calendar that is consistent with the schedules of the different projects. Use of Primavera Project Management P6 is recommended for this. Another rule of thumb is deciding and developing the right organizational structure for the projects.
Works Cited:
Awati, Kailash. “The resource allocation syndrome in multi-project environments.” 27 April
2011. Web. 5 Oct. 2013. . Read More
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