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Name and Number of the Course Date Project Management Introduction ‘Project-oriented organizations’ strategically adopt project-based methods of working in response to their clients’ requirements for specific products or services…
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Download file to see previous pages The HRM practices and processes of project-oriented organizations require additional and different procedures from the traditional approaches employed for other organizations. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the importance of human resource management, and communications management for a project team. Importance of HRM in a Project Team and its Implications for Success Human resource management (HRM) is of strategic significance to all organizations, contributing to the success of the organization and promoting the firm’s competitive advantage. The project-oriented organization works on projects, programs and associated temporary work processes forming ‘temporary organizations’, for creating the products and services required by the customers. This leads to a dynamic work environment. “Every time a new project or program starts, or an old one finishes, the HRM configuration of the organization needs to change” (Turner et al 3). Human resources has to make the most efficient use of all the people involved in the project. This includes “the stakeholders of the projects, sponsors, customers, other departments, the project team, subcontractors an d all others” states Parsaie (172). ...
HRM practices and processes should be designed specifically to meet the goals of project-oriented organizations which adopt HRM procedures that support both vertically and horizontally their strategic choice of project-based working. They require additional and different processes specific to the project and programs they adopt to undertake their work. Projects and programs are termed as ‘temporary organizations’ that require HRM practices and processes developed for those organizations. Turner et al (3) add that the project teams will require different human resource practices to effectively address the dynamic nature of the working environment in which they function. ] There are specific requirements for human resource management in the ‘project-oriented company’. People of the organization define management by projects as their organizational strategy. The employees apply projects and programs for the performance of complex processes. Further, they manage a project portfolio of different internal and external project types. Human resources have specific permanent organizations like a project portfolio group, or a project management office to provide integrative functions, and they perceive the organization as being project-oriented. Huemann, Keegan and Turner (316) state that the ideal project oriented company is frequently identified as a flat organization, with a strong culture of project management. It is thus evident that a company is defined as project-oriented because they see themselves as being project-oriented and accordingly form their “policies and practices for working, for organizational culture and for strategy towards the challenge presented by managing projects” (Huemann et al 316). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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