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Case Analysis Presentation(climb the legal ladder) - Essay Example

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In this case it is expected that Sullivan and Cromwell associates should feel that their pay structure is fair. The firm uses the lock-step model where the partners are paid to an important degree on the basis of their seniority. The other important aspect that is considered…
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Case Analysis Presentation(climb the legal ladder)
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Extract of sample "Case Analysis Presentation(climb the legal ladder)"

Climb the legal ladder In this case it is expected that Sullivan and Cromwell associates should feel that their pay structure is fair. The firm uses the lock-step model where the partners are paid to an important degree on the basis of their seniority. The other important aspect that is considered when determining pay structure is related to experience. Experienced associates earn more than less experienced associates. The level of performance is also used as a yardstick to determine the level of pay structure for each individual. In this case, the associates are likely to make comparisons related to their level of experience and period they have worked for the company in order to establish if there are any notable differences. Sullivan and Cromwell’s pay structure should motivate behaviours that can influence associates to put optimum performance in their operations given that they will get handsome rewards at the end of the year. The company should also motivate the associates to stay longer in the company. Retention of the associates is very important since it helps the company to retain talented people.

2. In case of associates who joined the firm four years ago, it is recommended that they also get a similar pay rise. Like any other firm, there are different grades for employees and they also have different salary scales. This should be maintained in the company in order to ensure that there are no conflicts that can arise as a result of pay structures. The pay structure should show a gap that distinguishes people from different grades and this should increase as we move up the ladder. Indeed, a new person in the company should not start off with a salary scale that is almost equivalent to senior people in the company.
Speech presentation
Part 1: I think the pay structure for Sullivan and Cromwell is fair because it uses a clear model in determining the salary scales for the associates. It is quite normal that a person starts from a lower level and that person moves up the ladder through ranks on the basis of his or her performance. In order for one to be upgraded to the next level, two things are considered namely experience and level of performance in the firm. These two strategies are very effective since they are not characterised by elements such as favouritism. This pay structure is likely to motivate the employees to put optimum performance in their work so that they can also be upgraded to a higher level. This strategy motivates people to know that good living comes through hard work and it is also fair in that any person is given the chance to move up the ladder depending on his or her level of performance.
Part 2: In this case, I would recommend that even the senior associates should also get an increase in the levels of their pay structure. This helps to minimise chances of conflicts among the senior associates and the partners if the salary scales are maintained. A certain gap in the pay structure should be maintained since this helps to distinguish between senior people and those who are still junior. Read More
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