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Autobiograhy - Essay Example

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However, there are cases of disagreements and differences due to their conflicting ideas and opinions; in fact, this escalates into interpersonal…
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Extract of sample "Autobiograhy"

Autobiography Autobiography It is the responsibility of leaders to ensure that the work environment is in a way that facilitates employees’ development. However, there are cases of disagreements and differences due to their conflicting ideas and opinions; in fact, this escalates into interpersonal conflicts (Zweibel, 2013). Therefore, this calls for immediate intervention bases on the value of the organization and the positive culture; thus, this leads to recognition conflict management skills significance when these conflicts arise (Heathfield, 2013).
An example of an interpersonal conflict that is likely to occur in an office environment involves the manager his or her subordinate. In this case, this was a situation when one of his subordinates arrived late for work that morning, as he tried to explain the manager shouted at him. However, this agitated the subordinate given since it was embracing to him since it was in the midst of other employees. The argument escalated, though it was resolved by assistant manager who had conflict management skills.
The other case involved a conflict between groups during a project, whereby they were unable to agree on ways to assign themselves to various tasks. In fact, this had a significant impact on the project to an extent that it would have hampered the process of undertaking it. Nonetheless, the team leader of these groups had a conflict management skills and he was able to deal with the differences between these groups in a way that would facilitated their progress in accordance to their expectations. In conclusion, the cases that have been presented signify that importance of conflict management skill in working environments.

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Autobiograhy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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