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The essay “Interpersonal Conflict in Film” aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: (1) to identify the interpersonal conflict in the movie and the presented ways of handling conflict; and (2) to identify other approaches of handling conflict…
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Interpersonal Conflict in Film
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Interpersonal Conflict in Film
The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: (1) to identify the interpersonal conflict in the movie and the presented ways of handling conflict; and (2) to identify other approaches of handling conflict.
Interpersonal conflict happens to people who share different views, interests, and goals. There are five types of interpersonal conflict defined according to focus and source of conflict. Among of these are the people-focused vs. issue-focused, personal differences, informational deficiencies, role incompatibility, and environmental stress (Hammond, 2011, n.p.).
Identifying the Conflict
Based on the movie presented, there were two identified sources of conflict. One of these conflicts is the people-focused conflicts and the other one is the informational deficiencies. People-focused conflicts were based on emotions and feelings and present an argument by means of personal attack (Hammond, 2011, n.p.). People-focused conflict was demonstrated on the film when Sarah attacked the personal integrity of Hitch as a date doctor, seeing Hitch’s job as a scam. People-focused conflict does not only center on the main characters since it is a movie dealing with emotions. In fact, people-focused conflicts were also observed on Albert’s confrontation with Hitch telling him that love was not Hitch’s life but his job; on Sarah’s best friend attacking the integrity of the unknown date doctor; on a newspaper vendor judging Albert as Allegra’s boyfriend; and on people in the story who judged Hitch’s personality. Actually, the movie projected a predominantly people-focused conflict against the main actor, making him the person to blame for all of the related conflicts.
On the other hand, informational deficiencies such as misinterpretation from different conclusions were observed. This was demonstrated on judging Hitch unfairly as a date doctor. His viewpoints about his work have been different from the understanding of society and interpersonal conflict arises because of misunderstanding.
Effective Handling of Conflict
The movie has presented different ways on how to handle interpersonal conflict. The different scenes in the movie had demonstrate defusing technique of resolving conflicts; exploration of what other people think and feel; and taking responsibility for own actions. Hitch resolved interpersonal conflict particularly with Sarah through confrontation. In their conversion, Hitch used the defusing technique by addressing Sarah’s source of anger and agreeing at some truth about Hitch being a date doctor. Hitch also tried to explore what Sarah’s thoughts and feelings were after it has been revealed that he was in fact, a date doctor. Hitch took responsibility for his actions and resolved all interpersonal conflicts related to the issue of being a date doctor.
Different Approaches to the Interpersonal Conflict in the Movie
Bellafiore (2011) enumerate effective communication techniques to manage or reduce the conflict (n.p.). These are defusing techniques, empathy, exploration, used of ‘I’ statements, and stroking. The movie could have presented a different approach of managing interpersonal conflict using empathy and stroking. The movie in general had placed a lot of struggles on the part of the main character. Since conflicts happen in people, the movie could also involve other characters in managing conflict not just blaming Hitch. For example, Sarah could use stroking in managing interpersonal conflict and find some positivity in Hitch’s work. Sarah should be the first person to understand why Hitch wanted others to be happy. In that way, a two-way process of conflict resolution would be presented. Meanwhile, the movie could also use empathy in resolving interpersonal conflicts. Rather than presenting only a society that judged Hitch, there must also a society that empathize with Hitch specially those persons that he had helped in achieving a happy ending.
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