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Concepts - Research Paper Example

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This has increased opportunities for businesses as they can effectively pass their message to the relevant parties (Knight, 2013)…
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Extract of sample "Concepts"

Business “Concepts” Business “Concepts” Non-verbal Communication, Persuasive Communication and Collaboration Importance Non- verbal communication has been used by organizations to improve communication with clients, competitors, colleagues and potential customers. This has increased opportunities for businesses as they can effectively pass their message to the relevant parties (Knight, 2013). Persuasion communication has been used by organizations in negotiations to conclude deals and transactions. Persuasion has been used to attract business partners, clients and potential customers to enter a business transaction. On the other hand, collaboration has enhanced participatory decision making improving understanding and overall efficiency in organizations.
Strengths and Weaknesses
Non- verbal communication is beneficial in international business settings. It makes communication brief and effective. Finally, it exemplifies the level of professionalism thereby increasing the level of confidence. On the downside it cannot be used as a public instrument for communication, prevents detailed conversation and not as of much influence as verbal communication. Persuasive communication is more personal, more detailed and effective in sharing information (Fontane et al., 2013). Conversely, it is time consuming, involves emotion which is inappropriate for business and requires a high level of negotiation skills. Collaboration improves the receipt of feedback in an organization and ensures participatory decision making. In opposition, collaborative communication delays the decision making in the organization and is ineffective where a huge number of employees are involved.
Application within an Organization
Non- verbal communication is used in international communication and in business talks with potential clients to increase business opportunities by showing confidence and professionalism (Guffey, 2012). Persuasion communication is used in convincing customers and potential clients to undertake a certain business deal. In summary, collaboration is used in day to day operation of the business in decision making.
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Guffey, M. R., & Loewy, D. (2012). Essentials of business communication. Cengage Learning.
Knight, M. (2013). Communicating in a crisis. Business Communication Quarterly March 2013 76(1), 3-10. Read More
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