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Organizational Behavior: Leading a Virtual Team - Assignment Example

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Ellen Johnson faces a variety of problems that are inhibiting her ability to lead the virtual team and accomplish the project goals within the desired timeframe. One of the major problems the team faces are issues associated with diversity and cultural differences. The working…
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Organizational Behavior: Leading a Virtual Team
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Extract of sample "Organizational Behavior: Leading a Virtual Team"

Question Ellen Johnson faces a variety of problems that are inhibiting her ability to lead the virtual team and accomplish the project goals within the desired timeframe. One of the major problems the team faces are issues associated with diversity and cultural differences. The working styles of the various team members from different parts of the world are conflicting. The team leader has done a poor job of uniting the team and creating synergy among the team members. Another major problem that is hurting project success is communication problems. “To establish a strong business relationship, effective communication practices must be established” (Writing, 2013). The efforts of the different members of the team are not properly aligned.
Question #2
Johnson has to implement a technological solution that has multiple modes of communication that can be used to unite the group and get them to work together while talking to each other. The optimal solution to fix this problem is to give each of the members a smart phone with internet capabilities such as an iPhone 5 or Galaxy s4. These phones can be used to prepare written messages instantly send to the emails of the other members which is the preferred mode of communication of the Chinese. The phones can also be used for video phone calls which the Mexicans and Australians prefer.
Question #3
In the future Johnson should select a team composition that is not so drastically diverse. Putting together a virtual team that has lots of diversity has the constraint that it takes longer for the team members to get along with each other. Another step that Johnson should take is to give all the members cultural and conflict resolution training.
Writing, A. (2013). The Effects of Poor Communication in Business. Retrieved June 15, 2013 from Read More
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